There’s something magical about the seaside where the sea and land meets. You hear the waves and feel the breeze that caressed your face. The smell of the salty sea invigorates you. You might be able to taste the saltiness of the sea water when it crashes against the shore, spritzing a spray of seawater into the air. But of course, it would be so much better if you would enjoy a good meal at the beach with your feet sinking into the warm sand. One of the restaurants which allows you to dine by the sea is Coastes, a casual dining restaurant that offers generous servings of burgers, pizzas, pastas and delicious seafood. When the night falls, the place gets cosy with the warm lighting. It does give off that Bali beach vibes.


Coastes is part of the C side group of F&B outlets along Siloso Beach. The other C side sister outlets include Flame, Sand Bar, Makan² and Bikini Bar.


The dining area is huge with a seating capacity of 340 people. You could choose to dine along close to their counter, on the platform or at the beach area where you’ll be walking on sand.



There are huge on their draught and bottled beers as well as cocktails. That early afternoon we’re not quite ready for any alcoholic drinks, yet so we went with their mocktail, Coconut Kumquat. It’s a mix of coconut juice with coconut slices and calamansi lime. We also ordered the Singapore Sling which is a concoction of Bombay Sapphire, Peter Heering, D.O.M, Benedictine, Cointreau, Grenadine, lime juice, pineapple juice and a drop of Angostura. The Singapore Sling tasted more fruity and sweet than the usual Singapore Slight I’ve tried elsewhere.


You could place your order via the waiter or download their C-Side app and order through your mobile to gain rewards.


We were feeling ‘Singaporean’ that day, so we decided to try a couple of their local dishes. After all, if I’m a tourist at Sentosa, I would love to try something local or out of the ordinary. Thus we went straight for the Asian delights.


Curry Laksa ($20)

Price may seem hefty for a bowl of laksa but let me assure you that this bowl of laksa is twice the size of a bowl of regular laksa from the hawker centre. There were also generous with the ingredients like prawns and fried beancurd.


Chili Crab Dip ($16)

Under their Beach Bites selection, we tried their Chili crab dip that comes with slices of toasts. You need to understand that Chili crab in Singapore is one of our top favourite local dishes and I’m glad that the chefs at Coastes managed to replicate that spicy kick in their Chili crab sauce. After we finish the toasts, they were more Chili crab sauce left. Since we can’t bear to see this good stuff go to waste, we finished the bowl of sauce too.

It was so good that I wouldn’t mind having it as a main dish. I guess I should have also ordered their seafood dishes. I wonder why they don’t serve Chili Crab here too.


Slipper Lobster Spaghetti ($28)

We were both full after gobbling up the bowl of laksa and the Chili Crab Dip. But we couldn’t resist trying their Slipper Lobster Spaghetti which is one of their signatures and recommended dishes here. Once again, it comes in ‘European-portion’ size which might be just enough for two. These dishes here were meant for sharing as a family or within a group of friends.


Forest Berries and Cream Cheese Trifle ($15)

Every good meal needs to end off with some good desserts. We had their Forest Berries and Cream Cheese Trifle which is a tad too sweet for my liking though. It comes in a tall glass filled with strawberries, cream cheese, chocolate sauce and cookie crumble. It might be that overdose of chocolate sauce that numbs my tastebuds, but the berries help to balance out the sweetness in the dessert.


Overall, it is a good meal that would satisfy you pretty easily. This restaurant is suited for large gatherings with families or friends who just want to enjoy some good food and drinks at Sentosa.


This coming New Year’s Eve, they will also be having a Beach BBQ by the beach where you could enjoy freshly-grilled seafood, succulent meats, salads, sweet treats and drinks! They will also be live music by Stephen Francis and friends featuring beverly Morata. Check out this event right below!



50 Siloso Beach Walk

#01-05 Sentosa

Singapore 099000

(Along Siloso Beach, near Beach Station)

Opening Hours:

9 am – 11 pm (Monday – Thursday)

9 am – 1 am (Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday)

9 am – 11 pm (Sunday and Public Holidays)

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