Counting Down to 2018 with Canon SELPHY


Have a glass of wine, let your hair down and get ready to usher in the new year. Entering into 2018 would also mean looking back at 2017 and recollecting all those memorable moments that made you today. Whether it is a happy or sad episode, they enriched our lives and made us stronger.

One of the best ways to make these memories more tangible is to print out your photographs. Before digital camera came along, I’ve always enjoyed developing photos with the film negatives and witnessing how the pictures turned out. In this digital age, I prefer to store my photos on my computer, but I don’t make it a point to look back at those photos. On the other hand, I am more motivated to look back at hard copies of printed photographs. Printed photos seem more enticing to look at.

I came to this realisation only recently after printing all my favourite photos of 2017 on Canon’s latest compact photo printer, SELPHY CP1300. It is the upgraded version of the previous Canon SELPHY CP1200. But a quick comparison of their features reveals that both printers are still pretty much similar in functions except for a couple of slight variations in the LCD screen and addition of print functions. The new generation printer, SELPHY CP1300, comes with an optional battery pack and is equipped with a new Wi-Fi Shuffle Print mode. Also, the photos printed via SELPHY CP1300 has a special coating which prevents colour fading. Nonetheless, it is still a highly functional and portable compact printer which is easy to use as well.


I’ve emptied all the contents of Canon SELPHY CP1300 box as shown below. Packaging is kept minimal to reduce waste. Warranty card is provided.


The setting up of the printer is quick and easy. The difficult part would try to sync your computer or mobile devices with the printer. It took me quite some time to figure it out, and once I figured it out, the photo printing process becomes fuss-free because the printer automatically remembers the settings connects to your source quickly.



The photo paper and ink cartridge are sold separately. I had the 4R-sized colour ink paper (108 sheets) with three ink cartridges.


Before printing, you will need to fill up the printing tray with the photo printing paper.


Load up the printer with the given ink cartridge. It would be depleted after exactly 36 printouts.


Once you switch it on, you can start to select the various printing modes and method. Apparently, you can create a photo collage using the printer to form a single print-out of combined photos.


I didn’t test out the other print functions as I prefer my single print-out photos.  It’s best to print higher resolution images so that the photos would look clear and crisp. Regarding printing quality, it can’t be compared to those bigger printers which produce high-quality prints. I would say it’s quite decent. Brighter images tend to look clearer while darker images tend to look more blurry. As such, try to select prints which are brighter or use a photo editing software to increase the brightness or exposure of the images slightly.


I am done creating my photo album of 2017 with beautiful memories. Hope 2018 would be another year of blessings! Same goes for you!


Do you still print your photographs? Let me know in the comment box below!

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