FiSK : Festive Norwegian Seafood Dinner


The ‘fishiest’ place right now in Singapore has got to be FiSK Seafoodbar and Market. It is no fishy business here! They run a restaurant and a retail store where you can dine and shop for cold water seafood and other essential ingredients to complete your seafood experience. It even has its in-house smoker to produce smoked fish from fresh fish.

Last evening, I was there to enjoy a festive Norwegian Seafood dinner organised by Norwegian Seafood Council.  During the dinner at FiSK, I get to learn more about Norwegian seafood and taste the freshest seafood from Norway.


The retail concept here features a variety of exclusively curated products derived mainly from Europe. There are also wines, fresh produce like vegetables and various sauces that could be paired with the various Norwegian seafood.


Norwegian seafood is highly sought for its perfect taste and texture in its seafood. Since Norway is surrounded by cold waters, the fishes grow slowly this makes their flesh more flavourful than fishes in warmer waters. Today, Norway is the second largest seafood exporter in the world.

Seafood from Norway is also obtained sustainably from the cold, clear waters of Norway. Their model of sustainably-managed aquaculture is widely recognised as it meets high environmental standards. For instance, technical measures during fishing are employed to reduce the impact of fishing on fish stocks and the environment. It includes the size of the mesh and also gear restrictions.


Yesterday night, we feasted on Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon and other Norwegian seafood delicacies like crab and shellfish. It was such a lovely and delightful meal prepared by Executive Chef Markus Dybwad from FiSK. It’s hands-down one of the best seafood meal I had in a while.


That evening we had Trout Tataki as appetizers, Creamed Fish and Shellfish Soup, Steamed King Crab, Hot Smoked Wolf Fish as our mains and Sour Cream mousse for desserts.  I have to say that every course is done to perfection and I couldn’t find any flaw in any of the dishes. The pairing of the ingredients was done in such a way that they didn’t overpower the taste of the fresh Norwegian seafood. Even the desserts were presently creatively with edible flowers and a dash of basil oil. The herbaceous flavour of the basil oil marries well the sweet strawberry consomme.


Trout Tataki

Charred trout with celeriac reduction and horseradish oil


Creamed Fish and Shellfish Soup

Crudités of heirloom vegetables


Steamed King Crab

Curry leaves and milk crumble


Hot Smoked Wolf Fish

Hard boiled egg, grated horseradish and brown butter


Sour Cream Mousse

Strawberry consomme, preserved lemon, basil oil

 A highly-recommended restaurant in town which is worth coming back for more great Norwegian seafood. You could also purchase a basketful of Norwegian seafood on your way out.

30 Stevens Road


Singapore 257840

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