Ground Zero : FIGHT OR RIDE?


The moment I step into Ground Zero, I felt as if I immediately transported to a different zone with the sharp earthy scents and upbeat music. The masculine vibe here is strong with the black furnishings and walls. This new boutique gym along Carpenter Street speaks of a different vibe from the other gyms or studios which I’ve been to.

Over here, they offer two types of high-intensity class: Rumble or ride. Rumble is a boxing-inspired group fitness class while Ride is an indoor cycling class. I’ve tried such group fitness classes before but not at Ground Zero. Last week, I got to try their Rumble and Ride classes.



I have to say that I enjoy their Fight classes better. The Fight room is pretty cool as they have these neon lightings on that floor along the grid lines. The grid lines are there to divide the space into boxes where each of us has an assigned space to ‘fight’. Each of us has a slam ball, two weights and an individual aqua punching bag. It is great having your own punching bag so that you can really knock it out with your fists.

So before entering the Fight room, the staff there would hand you a pair of boxing wraps and a pair of boxing gloves. It’s great that they provide clean boxing wraps and gloves so that you do not have to bring your own or spend money to purchase the wraps or gloves. The gloves and wraps looked very new, fresh and clean. Let’s hope they would maintain this way as the gloves do wear out over time.


Do the gloves smell? Thankfully no! They must have done a good job in making sure that the gloves don’t smell funky even after washing.


The Rumble class is multi-level, and it is suitable for beginners. It is a boxing class with some interval training. Each Rumble class has a different focus. Sometimes, it’s upper body, lower body or full body and the difference is in the circuit moves. Otherwise, I felt that there’s not much difference in between the different Rumble classes. Their boxing classes here involve more arm work and minimal legwork (e.g. kicking). I wish it were full-body workout that has a good balance of arm, leg and core work.

During the class, you would move along to the beat of the music, so that makes it quite fun if you are someone who is fuelled by music.



Their Ride classes are pretty unique in the sense that they also focus a lot on the arm. You might be doing pushups on the stationary bike at one moment and suddenly switched to a different movement which involves you to sway from side to side. It’s like attempting to dance with the music on the bike.   Your arms would be engaged throughout the 45-minute class. Over here, there’s no heart rate monitor to find out what’s your RPM and how fast you’re going. Instead of concentrating on the numbers, you only need to focus on the music and move along to the beat. I actually prefer it this way as you can really take your mind off the numbers and just focus on having fun.


At Ground Zero, there are shower facilities and lockers provided. They do not charge for towels which is a great thing. Their changing rooms are small but swanky.


At the vanity corner, you’ll find the hairdryer, hair ties, cotton buds, body lotion and towels. There are three shower cubicles with Ashley and Co. shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. I appreciate gyms that provide all these bath amenities which really to our convenience so that we don’t have to lug our bath items along in our bags.



Overall, Ground Zero offers a comfortable and chic place to sweat it all out. The environment is very conducive. But then again, the essence of the gym still depends on their instructors. An experienced, qualified and motivating instructor draws people. Wouldn’t you agree?


Ground Zero

Level 3

38 Carpenter Street

Singapore 059917

Monday to Friday: 6 AM — 9:30 PM

Weekends: 7:30 AM — 6:30 PM

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