Resting in bed is probably everyone’s favourite activity. We spent almost one-third of the day in bed resting and allowing our body to rest and naturally restore itself. That is why I am rather particular about my beddings – is my pillow comfortable enough? Are the bedsheets smooth and comfortable to sleep on? Having the right pillow and proper beddings could help make your sleep a better one.  What’s even better if you could have your customized pillow or bed. Are we able to customise our pillows? That’s for sure!

Recently, I got a customised pillow from Blue Oktopus. Blue Oktopus is the sole Agent in Asia for Sleep Made To Measure, a brand that specialised in customizable pillows and mattresses. Currently, Sleep Made to Measure is the only company in the world that could make made-to-measure pillows and mattresses and you can now order yours via Blue Oktopus in Singapore. Their pillows were developed and designed by an award-winning Australian osteopath/Chiropractor, Dr Andrew Macfarlane.

Previously, such customized pillows are catered to those with bone or spinal issues which required such pillows to aid in their spinal and posture alignment. Today, many are also turning such customised pillows as they have issues with their neck, back and shoulders while sleeping. I have mild scoliosis where there’s a slight curvature in my spine towards the right. Therefore, my right shoulders tend to tense up very easily, and I need to sleep on a pillow with the right height so that my spine is aligned properly.

During my consultation with Jacqueline from Blue Oktopus at her office, I get to understand how I could improve my sleeping posture and why a customized pillow helps to improve sleep. I also came to discover that the customized pillow made by Sleep Made to Measure is eco-friendly, carbon neutral and ethically-made. It is made out of 100% plant-based material, organic latex. The pillows itself are 100% compostable, certified organic and free of chemical and fertilizers. That means you could remove the cover then tear the latex pillow into small pieces before burying it under the soil to compost.


Pillow Issues

1.  Off-the-shelf-pillows are made from petrochemical-based foam and are sprayed with anti-fungal or anti-bacterial chemicals which might be ineffective over time. They are also not biodegradable and often do not provide support for your neck and shoulders.

2. Too Low

If the height of your pillow is too low, it forces your shoulder and mid back muscles to contract when you are sleeping on your side.

3. Too High

If your pillow is too high, it contracts your neck muscles, placing stress on joints and discs.

Therefore, it is crucial to get a pillow with the right height so that your joints and neck muscles can relax. The above issues also depend on the hardness of your mattress. You might find it uncomfortable if both your pillow and mattress is too soft. Therefore, during the consultation, your type of bed would also be assessed.

How is the assessment carried out?

1. NCi Measure

An NCi ruler would be used to measure your shoulder width to determine your pillow height so that your head and neck are fully relaxed. You could also download “Your Pillow” App by Sleep Made to Measure to measure and order yourself the pillow.

2. Your Weight

Your weight is required to determine the density (or firmness) of the pillow so that your shoulder and neck muscles are held in a neutral position.

3. Sleep position

Are you a side or a back sleeper? The way you sleep is critical in developing a sound sleeping pattern. The contours of the pillow need to suit your preferred sleeping position.


You could also make customized pillows and mattresses for your kids.


All the details will be sent across to their headquarters in Australia and the delivery time is between 10 to 14 working days.


The latex is also produced using the most environmentally friendly methods possible in energy consumption and waste disposal. Do you know that their packaging including the plastic cover is biodegradable too? This socially-responsible company is serious about going green!


The pillow was delivered to my house within two weeks. It comes in a vacuumed pack, and it also includes a white pillow case cover. To unpack the contour pillow, you have to squeeze the pillow against a firm surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes for the latex to bounce back to shape.


Why their latex pillows have many holes? Its natural honeycomb structure allows for optimal airflow and ventilation. The latex also has exceptional natural, hypoallergenic properties and is a natural deterrent to dust-mites, bacteria and mould. That makes this pillow suitable for those who are allergic to dust mites.


It was truly a life-changing pillow as I finally felt that my spine was in contact with the bed. My spine was adequately cushioned so that my back muscles felt relaxed. This slight adjustment in my sleeping posture has made a positive impact on my sleeping habits. I find myself dozing off faster in bed.


I’m a back sleeper, and if you’re a back sleeper like me, your arms should be by your side or across your chest. Try not to sleep with your hands above your head as it would tense up the neck muscles.


If you are a side sleeper, you should learn how to sleep with your legs bent up towards your body. Careful not to hunch forward but lean back slightly so that your chest is opened up and you could sleep more comfortably. You could also hug a small pillow on your chest too.


Care Instructions

1. Do not wash your Sleep Made to Measure Latex pillow

2. Spot clean with mild powder only

3. Rinse the area clean in cold water and press between towels to remove any excess moisture

4. Do not spin or tumble dry

5. Dry away from direct heat or sunlight and with good ventilation

Sleep Made To Measure™ organic latex products are backed by a minimum of twelve months or manufacturer warranty. All of their mattresses come with a ten-year warranty that covers not only the materials but also their quality. There’s also a 30-Day money back guarantee. If the pillow is not suitable or damaged, they can make another pillow for you or offer a full refund. That’s the product quality and assurance they provide to all of their customers. And it offers more than just the regular pillows you buy from elsewhere. It is certainly a good investment.

This contour customized pillow costs SGD228.

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You can also get bedding accessories from their sister website:  and

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