Tirtha Bridal: A Nature-Inspired Wedding Resort in Bali


There must be a reason why there’s a growing trend of couples heading over to Bali to exchange wedding rings and vows. Even celebrities across the world are joining the bandwagon to get wedded in this little paradise at the southern tip of Bali overlooking the Indian ocean. I get the gist of this phenomenon as I often visit Bali for vacation, but I haven’t been to a wedding resort in Bali until during my recent trip. I had the amazing opportunity to visit the wedding resort grounds by Tirtha Bridal. Before this visit, I’ve seen beautiful photographs of this property, but nothing beats being there to witness the beauty of this magical place with your very own eyes.  I finally understood why it was everyone’s dream to celebrate their fairytales and special occasions there.



Tirtha Weddings is a Singapore-based destination specialist that organises unique weddings in Bali, Japan, and Singapore. They are unique for their Japanese service, hospitality and professionalism. Its sister company is Best Bridal Inc. (under Tsukada Global Holdings) which is an award-winning leading wedding specialist in Japan. They offer a remarkable selection of bridal venues such as the iconic Glass Chapel by Tirtha in Uluwatu, Bali, and Lewin Terrace in Singapore.

Tirtha Bridal first started out in 1998 by a Japanese Husband and Wife team, Koji and Yuka Koreyasu. To create unique and unrivalled weddings, they launched a magnificent 6,000-sqm Wedding Resort; Tirtha Uluwatu sits on the beautiful cliff tops of Southern Bali in Uluwatu.

There are currently three sites in Bali owned by Tirtha Bridal – Tirtha Uluwatu (main site), The Glass House and The Villa by Tirtha. The Villa is right beside Tirtha Uluwatu while The Glass House by Tirtha is about a 5-minutes drive away from the Tirtha Uluwatu.


The Glass House by Tirtha is a multi-level complex shrouded in lush greenery, landscaped by Singapore-based landscape design company, Salad Dressing. No wonder it has that inexplicable Singaporean home-feel to it.  It comprises the main guesthouse with an annexe and lawn. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows, or the so-called invisible walls, allow for natural lighting and a 360-degree view of the surroundings.


The glass house is a reflection of my dream home where I could have an unobstructed view of the green and lush surroundings. Space is never a concern here because there are both indoor and outdoor spaces for you to host your guests during your wedding celebrations. The glass house makes a lovely cosy setting for wedding engagement parties or dinners.



The lawn is perfect for wedding dinner parties or a moonlit soirée as fairy lights could be strung across the trees to give it a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. You could even have your first dance with your other half in this magical setting.  Who needs a ballroom anyway?


The team at Tirtha Bridal are very much into details. From the furnishings to the toiletries, everything within The Glass House is specially chosen and designed to fit the tropical garden theme.


Moving on, we also discovered that there were bedrooms in the house where you could house your guests or close family members. My heart was fluttering as we explored each room because the rooms were how I envisioned my dream bedroom to be. I would never fail to jump right out of bed every single day if I were to live in a house like this.

If you’re into nature, you will love basking yourself in the sunlight and breathe into the fresh oxygen that envelopes the house.

Their Bridal suite is jaw-dropping as well. My heart is set for this Glass House, but God knows when my wedding bells would be ringing.


Guest Bedrooms


Bathroom with outdoor shower


Bridal Suite


Bridal Suite Bathroom



The real deal is here because this is where you will get to see their iconic Glass Chapel by Tirtha which appeared as a familiar backdrop in those wedding photos of celebrities. On this main site, there’s also an exclusive on-site Bridal Boutique, which offers gowns, tuxedos, accessories, wedding favours and gifts. They provide additional services include floral consultant, hair and makeup stylist, stationery, photography and video service, and entertainment consultations. At Tirtha, they have built an experienced team to help realise your wedding dream. Almost everything else is taken of so that you could have a peace of mind while enjoying every precious moment of your wedding celebration. In other words, you would just fly to Bali with your partner along with your guests and get wedded without being a ‘Bridezilla’ or ‘Groomzilla’.


Main Reception Area


Bridal Dressing Room



The Glass Chapel by Tirtha

The Glass Chapel is a modern interpretation of the classic chapel setting. I was in awe of the majestic grandeur of the chapel the moment I walked in. Church weddings are beautiful, and it is even more so if the church is surrounded by the elements of nature which God has created under His mighty hands. While standing there and exchanging your vows of love for each other, you will be reminded of God’s love and His beautiful creations. What a perfect place to say ‘YES’ to forever!


The chapel itself is air-conditioned, and it can accommodate up to a maximum of 70 guests.





Lounge Deck


Photo Corner

There are also several scenic photo spots where you could stand on the glass platforms to take your wedding photos. There’s even a white Venetian-inspired gondola that floats in the infinity pool right next to the chapel. And as the night falls, the couple can retreat into their rooms and gazed into the infinity. It would be such a memorable experience for any newly weds.


The Glass Stage


The 2-story dining pavillion houses the various rooms and functional spaces where you could have your celebration over lunch, tea or dinner in buffet-style or course meal sets for each of your guests.


Earth Indoor


Heaven 1


Heaven 2


Heaven 3




We also had a brief tour around The Villa which is adjacent to Tirtha Uluwatu. The landscape and architectural style here is more Balinese as compared to Tirtha Uluwatu and The Glass House. It has its unique charm as well. The bedrooms, bathrooms and dining areas were all very spacious and grand. The villa has eight spacious guest rooms that can accommodate up to sixteen adults.




Outdoor Pavillion


Glass Platform


Breathtaking view of the sea


Ocean Front Suite

Words can’t be used to describe this picturesque wedding resort. Getting my knot tied there would be like a dream come true. If you are considering this as a wedding venue, it would be great to visit the place and have a feel of it with your partner before your actual wedding. You could have a face-to-face consultation in Singapore to plan your dream wedding or call them at +65 6338 4868 to find out more.




Tirtha Bridal

Jl. Uluwatu

Br. Dinas Karang Boma

Desa Pecatu 80364

Bali, Indonesia

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