‘WA’nderful Christmas at Gokoku Bakery


Japanese bakery, Gokoku is kicking start their first Christmas with their new Christmas-inspired coronates and festive log cakes. Interestingly, Gokoku is an authentic Japanese ‘wa’ (和) bakery from Kobe in Japan with more than 55 years of experience in making bread. They are known for providing healthy buns made using quality Japanese ingredients like brown rice, sakadane (fermented dough) and other nutritious grains.

For Christmas, they are introducing 6 Christmas coronates which are pastries filled with luscious custard cream. Each coronates is designed with different toppings and flavours that cater to the masses. I’ve personally tried 5 of their Christmas coronates, and they are Raspberry, Matcha Chestnut, Passionfruit with Mango Cream, Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cream. My personal favourite one is the coronate with passionfruit and mango cream because the sour citrus flavours balance out the sweetness of the custard filling.


It tasted like crispy croissant except that it has a custard cream filling and fresh flavoured cream on the outside. This would make great finger food at Christmas gatherings or year-end parties.


They are pretty generous with the custard filling. It is sweet for sure but not too overly sweet. But one is sufficient to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Each coronate is priced at $4.90 at Gokoku Bakery which is among the other Japanese eateries along Shokutsu Ten in Jurong Point. 


1 Jurong West Central 2

#B1-79, Jurong Point

Singapore 648886

Opening hours: Daily 10:30 am to 10 pm

Tel: 6795 6714

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