Why Every Girl Deserves Flowers


I would grin from ear to ear whenever I receive flowers. Imagine the pure delight on my face when I receive a beautiful customised bouquet of flowers from That Flower Shop. This Singapore-based online florist nailed it right with delicate white Ranunculus, pink roses, Waxflower and Astrantia.

Flowers are perishable, but I just love receiving them and displaying it at home. It might not fancy every female on earth but really, who could resist the natural beauty of flowers that stems out from the earth? It’s one of God’s marvellous creations that encapsulate the essence of beauty. I believe that flowers are a reflection of femininity. That is why I feel that every girl deserves flowers as they remind us of how wonderfully we are made and how we are able to ‘add a touch of colours’ to the lives of others.


You can draw several wise tales from flowers. They are often stories of how something vulnerable and small could be transformed into something so magnificent and elegant.


If you’re a man reading this and wonder if you should buy flowers for your favourite girl or women in your life, just get a bouquet of flowers in her favourite colours. The act of giving flowers doesn’t just express how much you love her; it also pleases her because you’ve gathered one of the most beautiful treasures on earth and placed them right into her hands. Flowers die, but they would soon grow again. Like flowers, love for each other can also fade away. Thus, the love for each other needs to be constantly renewed every now and then. No? I don’t think I will ever get sick of receiving flowers.

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