X’MAS with Eureka Snack Popcorn


Remember my previous blog post on the best popcorn you’ll ever haveEureka Singapore is now offering their new Christmas gift pack which comes in a lovely box where you can find a medley of popcorn. These are healthy preservative-free and non-GMO popcorns that are coated with a myriad of flavours to tease your taste buds. In addition to that, they are introducing a new popcorn flavour – Matcha Chocolate! It’s a true blessing for you Matcha fans who have a liking for the pleasant green tea flavour.

Christmas Gift Box contains five cans of Eureka popcorn of various flavours as shown below. It has my favourite Sour Cream and Onion popcorn too!


If these cans of popcorn (90 grams of popcorn each)are too small for you, you might want to get the bigger aluminium packets (140 grams of popcorn each) for sharing shown below.


They also released these cute mini versions of the Christmas edition popcorn cans which come in various flavours too. You don’t have to wrap these cans with wrapping paper as presents as Eureka has got it wrapped up for you already!


I got to bag home these three amazing Eureka Popcorn flavours – Dark Choc, Matcha Chocolate and Wasabi. The Dark Choc and Matcha Chocolate are a perfect match because both go along well with each other. And Wasabi popcorn is now one of my favourites!


What differentiates Eureka Popcorn from other brands of flavoured popcorn is their crunchy texture in their popcorn which is just lightly coated with the various flavourings. Some popcorns have a strong and intense flavour which are too overwhelming for my taste buds. I prefer these lightly-flavoured popcorns which you can still taste the distinct flavour but yet not too intense. Likewise, for this matcha popcorn, it has a nice balance of bitter matcha and sweet white chocolate that would please any matcha lovers. I could imagine having this with a scoop of creamy Matcha ice cream.  If only I had a tub of Matcha ice cream too…


Wasabi-flavoured snacks are more than often too spicy for my liking. That spicy and sharp punch of wasabi can sometimes numb my senses but not for this one. Eureka’s Wasabi popcorn got it right with just a slight pinch of wasabi coating the surface of their mushroom popcorn that allows your tongue to recognise that you have wasabi without having to cause a burning sensation in your mouth.


I prefer their resealable popcorn packs because I find that the popcorn tasted much fresher and each pack is usually filled to the brim with popcorn. These aluminium packs definitely allows you to enjoy these popcorns to the maximum, til you’re grinning from ear to ear.


Here’s a little warning though – you might not be able to stop once you start popping these crunchy popcorns into your mouth. It does get pretty addictive. Before you even know it, the popcorn pack you’re holding will soon become empty. But at least, it contains lower calories than potato chips, right?


Make someone’s Christmas a special one by giving them these life-changing popcorns as gifts! 

You can pop by Eureka Snack bar at Raffles and Tanjong Pagar Exchange from 27 November to 22 December to purchase these yummy popcorns. If not, you could also head down to their main outlet at level 2, Westgate Mall (opposite The Atrium near the L2 J-Walk Linkbridge).

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