A Magical Dinner at Lewin Terrace



Many fine dining restaurants in Singapore offer diners with great ambience and exquisite food paired with good wines or champagnes. Though I’m not a food connoisseur by profession, I could tell the difference between deliciously-made food and grandiosely-prepared food. There’s this fine line between both standards of food. The latter is not only appetizing, but it also excites most of the senses, in particular, your taste buds. Over here at Lewin Terrace, it is a real gastronomic affair. I believe this will remain of one of the best-hidden gems in town as it is helmed by a talented Japanese Chef de Cuisine, Hiroyuki Shinkai.


It was my second time dining at Lewin Terrace, and since their menu changes quite frequently, the previous dining experience varies from the one I had recently. This time, I was there to try their new Winter menu. They are also unveiling their series of new courses which consist of a 3-course, 4-course and 7-course menu. They do have an ala-carte menu though I would highly recommend going for their course menu which is more value-for-money.


If you’re looking for a romantic fine dining restaurant that is a little more private, this restaurant fits the bill perfectly.


Warm toasted bread with miso butter is served right at the start of each meal. Having some red or white is a great option as well because it is going to pair well with most of the dishes on the menu.


Ready for the mind-blowing gastronomic experience? What truly excites me about this menu is the varied textures and layers in each dish. The explosive taste of the mains could have you jumping out of your seat. The most memorable dish for me was their Lobster Porcini Risotto. It felt like the lobster meat was dancing on my tongue as I slowly savour the sweetness of the sauce that goes with it. Was I dreaming?


Crab Mille Feuille 

Our first appetiser was Crab Mille Feuille which consists of Shogoing turnip pickles, crab salad and fresh tomato sauce. I witnessed the ikura roes swimming in the lobster shell sauce. It’s a cold appetiser, and it tastes very refreshing.


Foie Gras Confit

You’d probably tasted Foie Gras once before in your lives. It is very creamy, fatty and yet fragrant. Most restaurants serve pan-fried Foie Gras which has a more savoury after-taste. For Chef Hiroyuki Shinkai, he took it to the next level by presenting it as a form of a dessert. He pairs a slice of Foie Gras with apple chutney and bread. His take on Foie Gras was creative, and he proves that Foie Gras can be served in various ways.


Lobster Porcini Risotto

I would liken this to a story. You’ll first encounter with the Orange foam that acts as the ‘hook’ to the story. The ‘meat’ of the story is none other than the lobster itself. The story tension rises to its peak at the climax when your tongue is in contact with the rich lobster bisque. For a moment, I thought I tasted some sort spices which are found in laksa too. That made a beautiful twist to the whole ‘story’.


Hokkaido A4 Wagyu Beef Steak

 Besides computer games and soccer, what excites men is a thick slab of beef. At least, this Wagyu beef steak could send my boyfriend running errands for me so that he could sink his teeth into it. I’m not a ‘beef’-type of person, but this medium-rare steak prepared by the chef is quite a feat. I’m not too sure if the meat was supposed to be tougher by nature or not, but I do know that it marries so well with the robust Madeira sauce.


Soil Chocolate

My evening turned even more magical when the waiter brought out our desserts covered with a glass dome. It was placed there to contain the pleasant aroma of the truffle slices. Chef did his magic again when he paired beetroot, apple sorbet and soil chocolate with truffles.

As you would have imagined, there was a lot of excitement going on at our table. The only thing missing was a magic wand. 

Lewin Terrace’s a la carte, and course menus will be available from 1 December 2017 to 28 February 2018. To make a reservation, please call +65 6333 9905 or e-mail info@lewinterrace.com.sg.

Jazz Nights at Lewin Terrace will take place on 15th February 2018 and 27th February 2018 for dine-in customers.

15th February 2018: featuring vocalist Ms Lou

27th February 2018: featuring flautist Rit Xu

Dining reservations start from 6:30 pm onwards.

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