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It’s been quite a while since I have done the BodyBoss workout using their Ultimate Body Fitness Guide which is a 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program that includes fun and challenging high-intensity workouts. After trying out for a month or so, I got caught up with work. (You can read my previous post here.) At the same time, I also joined my partner to try out the latest fitness classes just to switch things up. Since then, I’ve been doing some running and occasional circuits. I’ve wanted to start BodyBoss all over again, and I guess it made easier for me to start the ball rolling as they have just released a Superfood Nutrition Guide that complements with the fitness guide. What a better way to kick start 2018!


The nutrition guide is a 12-Week Nutrition Program featuring a structured eating plan that helps nourish your body, beat cravings and achieve your desired results. There are more than 150 recipes with a mixture of vegan and non-vegan recipes. But it isn’t just a recipe book as it also contains a booklet with a wealth of information on superfoods and nutrition in general. It works out to be a great nutrition guide for those who are just starting to eat clean.



All in all, there are four booklets in the pack. The first book is on discovering superfoods where they shared about the nutritional value of the various nutritious ingredients out there in the market. Book Two and Three covers Meal-by-Meal Plans from Week 1 to Week 12. Each day includes three meals and two snacks that combine nutrition-dense Superfoods, lean protein, healthy fats and wholesome carbs. I find they have come up with a well-curated selection of recipes which made use of natural ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow. Some recipes do require a longer prep time to prepare as many ingredients are needed so that is why I prefer to customise my meal plan using their recipes instead – depending on the ingredients I have in the fridge and the amount of time I have to prep my meals.


Had no idea why are some foods labelled as Superfoods? Book 1 on Discovering Superfoods will help fill in the blanks you have in your head about nutrition.


Book Two and Three contains detailed recipes, meal plans and even a shopping list that brings a lot of conveniences when you shop at your local grocery store or supermarket.


And when you start eating all these nutritious meals, your body will naturally start to crave for such clean food. Even with this meal plan, you can still have your cheat meals too. In the nutrition guide, they even include some cheat meal suggestions in case you’re craving for pancakes or a muffin. As a rule of thumb, always pick the healthier alternative!



I have tried out some of the recipes, and I particularly like their Fire-up tomato toast and Spiced Tomato Super Soup. The soup was super delicious! Both are easy recipes which didn’t take up much of my time.


I’ve yet to explore their Smoothies and Desserts recipes as I didn’t have much of sweet cravings lately. But I’ve tried their Gut-loving green smoothie which happens to be one of my favourite combo of green smoothies – banana with baby spinach!


The Nutrition Guide is available online (to use on your phone, tablet, or computer). There’s also a printed version (a physical book with free delivery WORLDWIDE). The booklets are smaller than A4 size. For recipe books, I prefer to own a hardcopy version so that I could flip through the pages and make notes.

Find out more about the BodyBoss Superfood Nutrition Guide below. Launching on 26 December 2017!

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