Experiencing Sentosa Through Skyline Luge Sentosa


I’ve come to Sentosa for the umpteenth time but not once have I tried Skyline Luge Sentosa which proves to be quite of an attraction among tourists here. We didn’t know what we were in for except that there are currently two new thriller tracks for riders to try. It was also raining that Saturday morning, but nothing is stopping us from experiencing this thrill ride through Sentosa!


We headed over to the ticketing to get our tickets. Since it was raining and all the helmets were soaking wet, so they provided us with shower caps where we could wear over our heads and tuck it in under the safety helmets.


They happen to run out of ponchos, so we had to make a beeline to the nearby Sentosa souvenir shop just to get our ponchos. With the ponchos and shower caps tugging out from our helmets, we both look like a total dork.


Once we were both geared up, we followed the signs which brought us to the Skyride. It’s this 4-seater chairlift which ascends you right up to the air where you could enjoy a bird’s eye view of Sentosa. It’s like an open-air cable car where your feet are dangling in mid-air. If you’re afraid of heights, this ride can be pretty thrilling and mindblowing for you.


I enjoyed the Skyride a lot and I wish I had brought a phone or camera strap with me so that I could my phone is secured to my body, and I could snap away in peace. I was half afraid that my phone would slip off my hand while I was on the Skyride.

I don’t think there is a locker at the ticketing counter, so we had to carry our bags throughout the Skyride and Luge.


They do have cameras installed at the Skyline and Luge so do be prepared to give your widest smile!


Once we got off the Skyride, we had to head over to the luge station where we sat on one of those single-seat carts and descended the track at full-speed.


There were two tracks to choose from – Jungle Trail and Dragon Trail. Then pick another path between Kupu Kupu (638m) and Expedition (358m) that twist and turn through the mystical forest. The whole trail is approximately 2.6 Kilometres only. Hence it was a pretty short ride. I wish it were much longer though!


The luge ride was nonetheless very thrilling. It was safe to ride on it as you can control the speed with the handlebars. Once you get off the cart, remember to return the helmets! We almost forgot to return our helmets after the exhilarating luge ride.

For locals, we can enjoy four luge and skyrides for just $25 per pax only! For more information on ticketing prices, visit their website here.

Skyline Luge Sentosa

45 Siloso Beach Walk

Sentosa, Singapore

Phone: +65 6274 0472

Email: sentosa@skylineluge.com

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