Go Bohemian


I’ve always had a thing for Bohemian and hippie-style of look. Somehow it makes you look more down to earth, friendly and outstanding at the same time. It reflects that alternative lifestyle and thinking which I had towards most things in life. But at the same time, I was slowly beginning to declutter my wardrobe, sticking to classic and minimalistic pieces. To play up with my everyday minimalistic outfits, I tend to go for bohemian accessories (like the ones featured here) as my statement pieces.

These accessories are by The Trend Blazer. It is an online shop that offers Bohemian-style fashion jewellery at affordable prices. They’ve got a range of feather necklaces which could also be worn as headpieces, Bohemian-inspired bags, bracelets as well as a series of beautiful earrings. My personal favourite is their Bermuda earrings which is a pair of Aztec inspired earrings with gold and colourful embellishments. I love such triangular-shaped earrings that give the overall outfit an edgy look.


Nude Boho-luxe Feather Necklace ($15)


Bohemian Arcane Stack Bracelets – Emerald ($8)



The Bermuda Earrings ($5)


What’s your favourite personal style of clothes or accessories? Share with me in the comment box below!

Check out The Trend Blazer’s Carousell Page for the full listing of items!

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