How to Jazz Up Your Breakfast with Brazilian Superfruits


Start the year 2018 right with a good breakfast (or brunch) to energise you throughout the day! It turns out that there are so many other fruits (besides with the ones sold in Singapore) which I’ve yet to try. Can’t fly to Brazil? That’s okay. Companies like Otimo are bringing exotic fruits from Brazil to you in Singapore.

Recently, I’ve been incorporating these two Brazilian superfruits from Otimo into my diet for a healthier me.  They released two products – Pure Acai Berry Powder and Cupuacu that comes in a form of sachets. Both products are sustainably harvested and processed by farmers in the Amazonian rainforest. This two superfruits will definitely help you up your breakfast game.


Otimo Pure Acai Berry Powder comes in a single box with 12 sachets. I’m a big fan of Acai bowl because I enjoy that subtle flavour of Acai. I call it the ‘dessert fruit’ because it has subtle hints of berries and chocolate to it.

To make your very own Acai bowl, you can add in frozen fruits like banana, blueberries, red dragonfruit and lastly a couple of sachets of the Acai Berry Powder. The colour of the Acai powder is quite intense, and that also means it hasn’t been oxidised during the packing process. As such, when you mixed it with some plain yoghurt, you instantly turn it into your very own Acai yoghurt bowl.

If you haven’t already known, this superfruit is packed with anthocyanin (e.g. resveratrol), calcium, dietary fibre, and vitamin A. Traditionally, it was used as a medicine to treat diarrhoea, parasitic infections and ulcers. This Brazilian fruit has so many other amazing health benefits that would help to promote healthier hair and skin.


Here are the suggested ways to enjoy the fantastic Acai.

(1) Mix with yoghurt for DIY Acai Bowl

(2) Blend with smoothies/juices

(3) Use as a powder dip for cut fruits

(4) Use it as a topping in your salads


It comes in sachets like the ones shown above. It packed in such a way to maintain the freshness of the Acai berry powder.


For me, I like to empty one sachet of it into my yoghurt topped with blueberries and biscuit crumbs for some added crunch.


This other Brazilian Superfruit is kinda unheard of, but I believe that it would be the next superfruit that would be in trend. It is related to cacao family.  Cupuaçu (pronounced Koo-pu-ah-sue) is a fruit with white pulp encased in a brown outer covering. It is rich in antioxidants (Theograndin I & II), Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). To me, it has a light sour plum flavour.


This organic Cupuacu superfruit drink consists of the fruit pulp. All you need to do is to mix it with some water and stir. It is best to serve it cold.


Each energy-boosting superfruit drink sachet contains Pure Cupuaçu freeze-dried fruit powder, sugar, glucose, fructose and permitted plant-derived stabilisers.


Here’s a close-up look at the Cupuacu powder mix.


It helps to improve the immune system and digestive health when consumed regularly. It is also best to drink it after a meal.


And this is how your jazz up with breakfast (or your diet) with these two Brazilian superfruits!

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