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With more boutique gyms and fitness centres entering the neighbourhood zones, it is so much more convenient for any heart-landers to train and exercise regularly. Such gyms offer small group exercise classes in a cosy environment as such you’ll receive more attention from the gym instructor or trainer as compared to those large commercial gyms. Higher Ground Fitness is one of such gyms which offer HIIT-style training classes catering to all individuals of various fitness levels. It is located along East Coast Road, in Katong Area and a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to try out their Hybrid Training Class at their gym.


You will have to take a flight of stairs up (close to IZA restaurant) to enter the fitness studio. We were told to remove our footwear before entering the studio. It looks like a dance studio with mirrors fixated against the wall on one side of the room. You’ll find fitness equipment like Power Plate machines, TRX, kettlebells and weights in their decent-sized simple studio.


If you’re heading to Higher Ground for your first class, it is good to know that there’s a water fountain. Towels are not provided, but there are shower facilities. However, there’s only one shower cubicle. I guess that most of their members don’t shower at the fitness studio itself since most of them probably live near the fitness studio.


I recommend that you come about 15 minutes before class to fill up the registration and indemnity form online.

We attend the Hybrid Training class on a Saturday afternoon, and apparently, we were told that shoes are not required. The hybrid training class is performed in HIIT-style. We used Power Plates, dumbbells and the exercise mats during the 40-minute workout. Like any other HIIT workout, the hybrid training is short but highly effective in fat-burn. For that particular session, we did a cardio-focus Hybrid Training class which involves some burpees and tuck jumps.

It does save us some trouble from lugging our shoe bag. Since it was Sam’s first time on the Power Plate, our trainer, Markus gave him a brief introduction on how to use the Power Plate and explained the precautions when using the Power Plate. He enjoyed the workout because he mentioned that it was fun working out on the Power Plate during warm-up and cool-down exercises. During the class, you will be spending most of the time on the Power Plate during short-bursts of exercise moves that pumps up the heart rate.

The class size is really small. Each class can only take up to 6 participants, so it is pretty much like a personal training session. For me, that is a plus point for joining such boutique gyms. I did HIIT workouts at home but given a choice. I would prefer to hire a personal trainer to train and motivate me to exercise. If you’re like me who just can’t exercise alone, this would be an option. The best way to kickstart your 2018 fitness goals is to start taking action immediately!


Higher Ground Fitness

695C East Coast Road

Singapore 459059

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