Let the Chinese New Year Feast Begins!

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CNY Buffet Catering

This auspicious festival of the year is not only a time for you to chomp on the yummy Chinese New Year Delicacies but it is also a special time for you to gather your family and friends. It is a good opportunity to meet and catch up over Chinese New Year goodies and countless CNY dinners. It can be quite a hassle to prepare meals yourself or to even book a table at your favourite Chinese restaurant during this peak period. Why not order buffet catering where you can enjoy your meals at the comfort of your home or someone else’s house? You can find a whole list of Chinese New Year Catering 2018 menus on Singapore’s trusted catering food portal, Foodline.

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Foodline Top 10 Caterers

There are caterers which offer CNY party sets meant for small groups of 5 to 10 pax. For bigger gatherings, you can order full buffets which cater up to 100 pax. To find the best deals, I would usually check out their Top 10 caterers and screen through the website for reviews and promotions. Best price guaranteed!

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Here are some recommended caterers:

1) FattyDaddyFattyMummy

2) 338 Catering

3) Xin Yi Pin Catering

4) Mei Hao 99 Catering

5) Ronnie Kitchen

6) Yeh Lai Siang Catering

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Credit: Foodline Singapore

In addition to that, you can earn cash rewards and Foodline points when you placed your order through Foodline.

Enjoy $38 off when you place your catering order on Foodline with my special promo code: DEENISE38 (with minimum spending of $350). Promo code is valid til 31 December 2018. 

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