Myo Restobar : Affordable Dim Sum Delights at CBD Area


As Singapore’s temperatures drop to an all-time low, I’m starting to crave for warm Chinese food. One of the new kid on the block in our local Chinese restaurant scene is Myo Restobar, a modern restaurant-cum-bar that serves traditional Cantonese dishes alongside classic dim sum made with an innovative twist, in a contemporary industrial setting. It is the sister restaurant of Kia Hiang; a restaurant has over 40 years of heritage and legacy. You can still head over to Kia Hiang at International Plaza to try out their well-known Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken if you prefer to dine in a modern setting, you could walk over to Oxley Tower where Myo Restobar is located.

The atmosphere at 19th floor is somewhat more alluring as you will view the city skyline from above. Thankfully, the prices of the dishes did not elevate along with the increased number of storeys.


The name of the restaurant arises from the play of Chinese words, 妙嚥 miào yàn, which means “to swallow wonder”. Now, let’s see if the food served here would leave us in awe.


Before the food arrived, the prices on the menu already left us in awe. It is surprisingly very affordable with their dim sum dish costing no more than $6 each. Business here is rather good on weekday evenings too. I could see why white-collared workers wouldn’t mind dropping by here for a business lunch or dinner with their colleagues or clients.


The drinking culture in the CBD area is prominent. Office workers often head to bars or pubs right after work for a drink. Before hitting the bottles, why not fill up your stomach with some decent Dim Sum and other Chinese dishes first? Nourishing your body with the right food is important.


My recommended dishes are Kia Hiang Claypot Organic Chicken ($28), Angus Ribeye Cubes with Garlic and Broccoli (from $18 onwards) as well as Flakey Angus Beef Pastry ($5.80).  These dishes stood out to most of us who were at the table. I would go with their Dim Sum menu as they have several unique offerings. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to try some of the other popular Dim Sum dishes but I did try out a few of their mains and desserts. 

Below are some of the dishes we tried. My favourite would have to be their Flakey Angus Beef Pastry. It is a to-die-for Dim Sum dish because each pastry is bursting with this strong black peppery beef flavour. I wouldn’t mind coming back again for more of the Flakey Angus Beef Pastry.

It is also interesting to note that they use organic chickens for their signature dishes. Organic chickens are chickens without growth hormones and they often lower in cholesterol and contain lesser fat. In general, the dishes were are not too salty and oily too. They even feature some healthier dishes like their healthy walnut buns.

Lastly, the wow factor would probably be their creative take on their Dim Sum. The Gold foil dumplings made me jolt out of my seat for a second. My only regret is not trying their steamed Siew Mai with Black Truffle.


Angus Tenderloin Cubes with Garlic and Broccoli (from $18 onwards)


Baked Hamachi Collar in Butter Sauce ($18 each)


Healthy Walnut Buns ($4)


Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted Mushrooms ($4.80)


Kia Hiang Claypot Organic Chicken ($28)


Flakey Angus Beef Pastry ($5.80)



Durian Mochi 


You can enjoy these Durian Mochi for a dollar when you place your order using your mobile phone by scanning the QR code found on each table. To celebrate Myo’s opening, Myo is offering a 10% discount off the food bill (excluding sets) from 11 December 2017 to 31 January 2018.


Myo Restobar

Oxley Tower (Lobby 1)

138 Robinson Road


Singapore 068906

Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm, closed on Saturdays

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