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Going for a spa session is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. It helps to bring you to this state of peace and serenity. Instead of going for a body massage or facial, I decided to check out this Nature spa in Singapore called PortaSpa. We are well-known for being a little red dot which has plenty of gems to offer. I’m glad that I’ve discovered PortaSpa which provides a total new spa experience for me. It has been well-received by the online community on TripAdvisor, and I just knew I had to check it out.


5-in-1 Nature Spa

Unlike traditional massage which usually lasts for an hour long, the Nature spa lasts only for about 30 minutes long. It involves immersing your feet in a hot tub which constantly produce ultrasonic bubbles. With PortaSpa’s state-of-the-art technologies, thermal heat would be able to reach deep into painful muscle tissues, through the feet, merely within ten mins. It isn’t just a hot-bath foot therapy that relaxes the lower half of your body. It’s a natural form of treatment that brings about complete wellness to your overall being. Yes, it all starts with your feet. Happy feet, happy you.


The Treatment

I didn’t know what to expect during the treatment except that I would have to soak my feet in a hot tub of water. I was first asked to fill up a form so that they would better understand my conditions and the current state of health. That day, I was just recovering from flu, so I was feeling rather lethargic. I also haven’t been sleeping well as such I had dark circles forming around my eyes. After filling up the form, I was handed a cup of alkaline water which supposedly help to balance out the pH and neutralize any toxins in the body.

You’ll Sweat

I was advised to change into another set of comfortable clothing as I might perspire. I was quite taken aback when I first heard this as I don’t usually sweat from taking a hot foot bath.Thank goodness I heed their advice because the hot steam arising from the foot tub can cause you to sweat. Your body would also be warmed up as the blood circulation in your body increases. They do provide a comfy shirt and shorts just in case you did not bring a change of outfit.



During the treatment, they would also use essential bath oils to help with relaxation, healing and strengthing of the immune system. These essential bath oils are water-based, so it evaporates very fast. Since I had a cold, I was given a few drops of eucalyptus essential bath oil to inhale. I just rub the product between my two palms and inhale deeply to relax. It helps to alleviate and relieve respiratory-related ailments like flu.


The Process

Once I’m all relaxed and seated comfortably in the armchair, I placed my feet into this tub which is partially filled with water covering the entire foot. During the treatment, more water would be added until it reaches slightly below my mid-calf. Once the equipment is turned on, you will start to see the formation of the ultrasonic bubbles. Pure oxygen is also released which help kill bacteria and germs at your feet.

All you will need to do is just to close your eyes, sit down and relax in the comfortable armchair while enjoying the peace and serenity.  The soft melodious music in the background helps me to relax too.

The Science Behind

The equipment can generate thermal heat, oxygen and ultrasonic bubbles. The thermal heat (or FIR energy) can penetrate deeply into the body tissues to purge out all the toxins found in the fat cells while the oxygen supercharges with nutrients and oxidises the cells.

Sweat it out

The temperature of the water is raised gradually from 38 to 42 degrees Celsius. Initially, the temperature was comfortable, but once it reaches 42 degrees Celsius, it does get hot. If it is too hot, you can always request to lower the temperature slightly. They will check on you every 5 to 10 minutes to see if you are comfortable with the heat.

A towel is placed over both of my legs. It is placed in such a manner where there’s still a small outlet for the steam and oxygen generating from the equipment to vent out. Since hot air rises, my face also gets steamed. I guess that also helps to improve blood circulation and open up the pores on our skin. It would be perfect if they could throw in a facial mask too.

After 15 minutes, they would draw the curtains slightly to add a few drops of lavender essential bath oil and some Moya Melissa Bath salts.

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After 30 minutes, I am already breaking in sweat, and I noticed that my heart was pumping a little faster. But I didn’t sweat that much as I don’t usually sweat a lot unless I push myself hard during a workout.  And after the treatment, my skin has this rosy tint which is perhaps due to the improved blood circulation. Overall, I felt great, and I experience this lightness in both of my legs. It’s as if all the blood that usually wells up in my feet as shot right up back to my upper body. I believe that this would be an excellent treatment to relieve water retention problems and alleviate a myriad of illnesses and conditions like hypertension, diabetes and insomnia. Like any other treatments, you will need to go for a few sessions in order to experience the full benefits of this form of therapy.

PortaSpa is actually located inside basement 1 of Salvation Army Thrift Store. You will find them at this little corner, out in the open space, on the right-hand side.  It would have been nice if it was housed in a small room or spaces with a proper partition so that clients could enjoy some privacy. Otherwise, it would have been a great spa for an effective 30-minute relax and rejuvenation.

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The pure oxygen and hot water must have help to flush out all the dead skin cells covering my bare feet. It’s like going to a body detox session.

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PortaSpa currently has two outlets- one at Hillview and the other at Roxy Square. I visited their newer outlet at Salvation Army which is close to Hillview MRT.



500 Upper Bukit Timah Road
(Hillview MRT Station Exit A)
Singapore 678106
* Inside Salvation Army Thrift Store (B1)
Tel: 90589056
Opening Hours:
Mon to Thur: 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Fri: 1.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Sat: 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


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