Randy Indulgence: ACAI BOWL, SHIOK!


My Love For Acai

I have a weakness for Acai bowl. Honestly, you can tempt me easily with a bowl of frozen Acai. It’s the vegan version of ice cream, made with natural fruits. Whenever there’s a new Acai shop in town, I will make sure I’m one of the first to try it. My favourite version of Acai bowl is one with a right mix of fruits and crunchy toppings like granola and nuts. I prefer frozen Acai which has more of a sorbet-like icy texture, and Randy Indulgence seemed to have got the ratio of Acai pulp and frozen fruits right. Now I know where to get my Acai fix.


What’s Acai?

There are lots of superfoods out there. Like any other superfood, Acai is pretty expensive as it is mostly grown in Brazil and you will need to harvest a big load of Acai berries to extract just a small packet of fresh acai pulp. To the Brazilians, Acai has medicinal benefits which could cure a myriad of illnesses. Today, most of us consume it as a form of a supplement or health food in smoothies and dessert. You can also read more about the nutritional benefits of Acai berry here.


The Sweet Spot

I’ve always walked past Randy Indulgence at Tanjong Pagar Centre, but I’ve not patronised their store until a week ago. Yes, finally! Other than Acai bowls, they also offer cereal bowl and fruit ice cream! This acai and cereal bar is a dream come true for cereal lovers. This will most probably be my new sweet spot!


As usual, I would always recommend going for the larger bowls (a.k.a Happy size) for an optimum ‘shiok’ experience.


Fruit Ice Cream

Their fruit ice cream is made up of frozen bananas with crushed cereals mixed into it.  This dairy-free and guilt-free ice cream come with chia seed pudding as well as two types of cereals and one fruit topping of your choice.


I’m up for their signature fruit ice cream, anytime. Grab a compostable spoon and indulge in the natural goodness of the fruit ice cream!


Acai Bowl

But my heart still goes with this one. I went for their combination Acai bowl with triple the goodness.   We have Matcha chia seed pudding at the base, frozen acai in the middle and pitaya at the top layer. The fruit and nut toppings were pretty generous. As compared with other acai bowls available elsewhere, their acai bowl tasted less sweet. Nonetheless, you can always make a request to adjust your preferred sugar level.


Are you a fan of Acai bowl too? Let me know where’s your favourite acai place!


Randy Indulgence

7 Wallich Street


Tanjong Pagar Centre

Singapore 078884

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri: 8 am to 10 pm

Sat: 11 am to 8 pm

Sun/ PH : 11am to 6pm


Tel: +65 8808 4758

Email: Sweet@RandyIndulgence.com

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