A Well-Deserved Massage Treatment


Massage Therapy

The origin of massage therapy dated back over 5,000 years ago and this form of healing therapy has its roots in ancient China and Egypt. To others, getting a massage is like having a luxurious pampering time to oneself. But for me, I love massages for its health benefits. It’s one of the most natural and safest ways to relieve body aches, improve blood and lymph circulation, soothes anxiety, improves sleep and boost immunity. After an hour of full body massage at Chrysalis, I felt more rejuvenated and less bloated than before.


Chrysalis @ Northpoint City

I visited one of many Chrysalis outlets in Singapore at Northpoint City. Its location is very convenient because it is located in the shopping mall beside Yishun MRT. I believe that it is one of their latest and newest Chrysalis outlets as it is located in the newly renovated South Wing of Northpoint City.

It is my first time visiting Chrysalis, and I haven’t checked out other outlets yet, but this outlet seemed to be somewhat small, with only a few treatment rooms available. Nonetheless, the rooms are newly refurbished, and the place was kept clean. There are lockers available where you can lock away your belongings if you’re heading there for treatment.


Full Body Massage

Currently, they only offer two types of body massages treatment: Lajin (targetting the upper body) (20 minutes) and full body massage (60 minutes). I went with the full body massage as I prefer a more relaxing massage treatment. My appointed masseuse was petite in size, but she’s a woman of strength as she delivered each massage stroke with firm pressure. She was thorough with her massage and even gave me a good head massage too.

My Verdict

Immediately after the massage, my body was warmed up, and my stomach and legs were less bloated than before. At the end of the treatment, my skin was well-oiled up by the harmony body massage oil which the masseuse was using. It’s best to leave the oil on your skin for a few hours for your skin to soak up all the nourishing oil before washing it off.

If you haven’t done any massages before, you should give it a try. It’s our well-deserved treatment we all should enjoy to relieve our fatigued bodies.


Northpoint City

930 Yishun Ave 2


Singapore 769098

(Located beside Watsons)



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Full Body Massage @S$68 (60min | UP: S$318.86)



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Other Outlets:

AMK Hub #03-26 Tel: 6481 9270

Bedok Mall #B2-39 Tel: 6587 3310

Pacific Plaza #03-13 Tel: 6884 9636

Westgate #B1-43 Tel: 6567 5393

Jurong Point #03-04 Tel: 6265 8308

North Point City #B1-160 Tel: 6252 7138

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