We Bought CNY Outfits for Each Other!

Picking CNY Outfits for Each Other!

With Chinese New Year (CNY) just around the corner, Sam and I decided to do something fun and meaningful for each other. Instead of buying new CNY outfits on our own, we would pick CNY outfits for each other. It is customary to wearing new outfits on CNY to usher in the new comings of this spring festival.

Time for A Makeover

I hardly ever buy clothes for myself nowadays, and my wardrobe looked pretty much the same a year ago. As such, I was pretty much wearing similar outfits throughout the year, and Sam said that I needed to revamp my wardrobe. But I’m really into minimalism right now, keeping only some staple pieces and giving or stowing away clothes which I hardly ever wear. However, I guess I could purchase a few pieces now and then just to spice up my outfit rack. Sam hardly ever shops too, but I am not too particular on his dressing as he looks good. However, he tends to wear clothes with a lot of loud prints. Sometimes, I wish he could dress up a little more formal as less casual. This CNY makeover is indeed very timely.

We decided to capture all of the processes of choosing our CNY outfits on video and upload on my YouTube Channel, DeeniseGlitz TV.

What We Did

We ordered our outfits from ZALORA because the clothes there are quite affordable and we can send back our pieces for an exchange or refund if we chose the wrong size or outfit. Our packages come within three days after ordering, and that’s how efficient they are. We set a budget of $40 for each of our outfits.


Sam’s Picks for Me

Sam picked this long-sleeve burgundy dress with lilies on it. He chose size XS for me which is a little tad too small for me though I was able to fit in. I prefer something a little looser, so he sends it back to Zalora for an exchange. Nonetheless, it looked pretty good on me. What d’you think? It costs him only $19.90.


My Picks for Sam

I hardly ever see Sam in pleated long-sleeve shirts, so I decided to get one for me. The model on Zalora was wearing this blue pleated shirt along with this grey matching pants. So I decided to buy the matching Bermudas as well. How’s that for you? The shirt costs about $27, and the pants cost $20. This goes to show that guy’s outfit are usually more expensive.

If you are looking for ways to spice up your relationship with your partner, this is one of the easiest ways to surprise them!

Watch the full video here. If you love what we’re doing, remember to like and subscribe to our channel!

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