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If you have not heard about our very own Singapore Burger joint, BurgerUP, then you’re missing out! This fast food burger joint serves up affordable gourmet customizable burgers using quality ingredients. There are currently two main outlets in Singapore with the very first outlet in Yishun 10 Complex and the second outlet at Punggol Waterway Point. And this time around, they have just launched a new fast food dining concept called BurgerUP Express where you can grab on-the-go burger sliders at the newly extended NorthPoint City South Wing.


Customize Your Burger

Having tried their customizable burgers at their main outlet before, I have to say that they had done a great job in maintaining their food quality and standard, if not, even better. The differentiating factor for BurgerUP is their gourmet burger patties which significantly differs from the other burgers serves at popular fast food joints. At BurgerUP, the ingredients they used are fresh and the patty, in particular, is always very thick and juicy. Likewise, for these four burger sliders (or mini burgers), the wow-factor lies in the selection of cheeses, sauces and fresh ingredients.


You might not be able to tell from the pictures here, but the burgers served here aren’t the regular-sized ones. It’s not that they have downsized their burgers but rather, they are offering you the option to try out more than one of their burger varieties at one go. Their value meal comes with a drink, french fries and two burger sliders. Two is better than one.


There are currently four types of burger sliders: Lamb, beef, chicken and fish. The chicken and fish sliders are under the ‘White’ series while the beef and lamb sliders are under the ‘Black’ series.


I would say that all four burger sliders are equally delicious and it just depends whether you’re a chicken, fish, beef or lamb person. These gourmet burgers don’t disappoint! I only wish they offer the option of regular-sized burgers because nothing beats the feeling of burying your face in the burger.

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You can order directly at BurgerUP Express or through Honestbee, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.

BurgerUP Express

NorthPoint City

930 Yishun Avenue 2

South Wing


Singapore 769098

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