My First Street Calisthenics Class


It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited my blog and entered into this blogging mode. It has also been quite a while ever since I last put on my gym wear and attend a fitness class. I used to have so much energy to wake up early on weekends and hit the gym almost every other day, but now, I get tired very easily and hardly hit the gym. Now, I am pretty much a stay-home person. I’m trying to get back on track and attending a new fitness class sound like a pretty good idea.

My First Street Calisthenics Class

I had my first Street Calisthenics class with Start Station Bodyweight Fitness. I’ve always wanted to try Calisthenics for myself and learn how to perform bodyweight exercises which are more versatile and could be carried out almost everywhere. At the same time, I was also afraid that it might be too challenging for me to do bodyweight exercises like pull-ups. It could be pretty daunting especially if you’re new to fitness and had not attended any workout classes before. But thankfully, the Street Calisthenics class by Start Station is also suitable for beginners. Their main instructor, Haaziq, covers on fundamentals of callisthenics with emphasis on the correct form and technique of workouts. He was also extremely patient with us and overall, it wasn’t that daunting after all.


Start Station

Currently, Start Station offers group fitness classes which are conducted at local neighbourhood fitness stations located in public parks. There are classes like Street Calisthenics to Calisthenics Flow to Learn to Pull-up/Muscle-up classes. The other day, I went to their Street Calisthenics class which is conducted at Tiong Bahru Park.


The Class

The class started off with a few simple cardio moves and followed by strength-training exercises which made used of the bodyweight. Some of these exercises have made me discovered new muscle groups which I’ve probably have not worked before. So, how many muscles do we have? Each of us has 640 to 850 muscles! To be working those muscles, we need to perform a range of exercises to activate them.

As you can see from the photos, some of the moves were not easy at all. It was challenging but our instructor, Haaziq, would be there to adjust your postures, making sure you’re performing the moves correctly. For the rest of the class, we did an exercise circuit which comprises a few moves that made up of simple equipment like the exercise bands and gymnastic rings. Each of these exercises requires us to complete a few sets of repetitions. At the end of the class, I didn’t sweat much, but my whole body (Yes! Whole body) was aching like mad. It felt like I didn’t do much but I was putting my muscles to work. Hundreds of muscles were probably activated at one go during the class.


My Verdict

Overall, the class made me realised that you do not need much equipment to exercise effectively. Since Calisthenics is all about using your bodyweight to exercise, you can pretty much exercise almost anytime and anywhere! It seems very challenging at first, but with proper guidance, consistency and practice, you should be able to get in shape in no time!

Special thanks to Start Station Fitness Bodyweight for extending this invitation to try out their Street Callisthenics Class! Purchase a 5-session pass (CNY Promo)for only $88! Start Station classes are also available on GuavaPass.

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