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I love receiving fresh flowers, and I often wish they would last much longer. Typically, the bouquets which I received could only last up to 5 days. Previously, I wrote an article on ways to keep the flowers last longer. Florists would recommend using flower food or aspirin. It just so happened that I came across those life hacks videos on Facebook and they did an experiment using the various methods to prolong the life of the flowers.

Guess what the best way to keep the flowers looking fresh for a week is? Copper coins! It seems that copper has antimicrobial properties and it can prevent fungal growth. I would have tried out my floral bouquet which I received from Floraison Studio a week ago if I had known this earlier! But whether you use this copper coin method or not, you will still need to do some trimming just to ensure your flowers look fresh and crisp.

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Floraison Studio

I love floral bouquet that has some character to it. The bouquets by Floraison Studio, for instance, are one-of-a-kind. It’s always safer to put ornamental flowers of the same colour palette or types of flowers together. But Floraison’s approach is a little more creative as they use a variety of flowers which add dimension and texture to the overall floral bouquet. It’s as if the florist just walked into her flower garden and plucked out whichever fresh flower bloomed beautifully.

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Flower Care

For my previous bouquets, my mother is usually the one to trim the flowers and change the water. But this time, I decided to do it myself just to find out which types of flowers last longer and how much time it takes to maintain the flowers each day.

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I first remove all the paper wrappings carefully so that I could recycle them or reuse as gift wrappers. Thankfully, Floraison uses minimal paper wrappings and these wrappings, including the strings, are reusable.

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The base of the flower stalks are usually wrapped with damp cotton wool and are secured with a plastic wrap and some scotch tape.  To remove it, you will just need to gently cut the tape and remove the plastic and cotton wool.


Once the flowers are unbundled, I lay them out neatly on the table before transferring them to a vase. It’s also an opportunity to have some fun arranging the flowers in the way and style you like.

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In my opinion, the flowers are looking very fresh! Check out their flower variety below! Guess which flowers lasted longer?

Flower Varieties

DSCF8536m peruvian lily
Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)
This flower lasted as long as the Rose sprays I’ve received.
DSCF8538, ranunculus
Ranunculus Bulbs
This flower tends to die out faster as the stalk is succulent and the moist conditions encourage fungal growth. If you notice that the water in the vase turned mouldy, you must change it immediately. Trust me; if you wait any longer, the water will start to stink real bad. This ranunculus begins to rot after two days.
DSCF8539, holland carnation
Holland Carnation

These carnation are mostly probably hybrids. They are quite long-lasting. Mine lasted for almost a week!

DSCF8540, rose

Roses could also last quite long. That could also be the reason why it is such a popular ornamental flower. This rose lasted for about six days.

DSCF8542, eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Nicholii
These leaves lasted for about five days. It has a mild, pleasant eucalyptus scent to it, but I wouldn’t want to have it in my vase because it kept shedding leaves.
DSCF8541, eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Cinerea (a.k.a Silver Dollar Tree)

I actually prefer this variety of Eucalyptus because the leaves are still pretty much intact after 5 days.

DSCF8543, eustoma
These white Eustoma are lovely! I’ve likened this to roses. From a distance, they do look like roses.
DSCF8544, pink wax stefanie
Pink Wax Stephanie

They look like a cherry blossom to me, and it’s one of those flowers which could last over a week.

DSCF8546, matthiola
This is another lovely variety, and it looked like tiny orchids growing in a cluster.
DSCF8548, spray roses
Spray Roses
Who knew that roses have its miniature form that grows in a bunch? It’s so dainty and elegant.

Besides trimming an inch or two off the stalks, I would also change the water on a daily basis. It is recommended that you cut the stalks at a 45-degree cut to increase the surface area of the stem in contact with the water.


Look at how juicy the stem of ranunculus? No wonder it is highly prone to fungal growth.


After trimming the stems, I would also pull out flower petals and leaves which start to change to colour or dry out.


I had some fun rearranging the flowers in the vase. The medley of colours looked so amazing when put together! At the end of one week, guess which flowers lasted? The white Eustoma, Carnation, Pink Wax Stefanie are still in pretty good shape after one week. The eucalyptus leaves also survived the ‘trial’. I’m putting Eustoma, and Pink Was Stefanie on my list of favourite flowers!


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