A Letter To My 20-Year-Old Self


It’s 2018

I’ve finally come to accept that I’m turning a decade older as I reach the big 30. Yes, 30 years on this earth but yet I feel like I’m still stuck in my twenties, wondering which path I should take in my life. We ought to think that being 30 means getting a stable job and knowing what’s the path ahead of us. But the truth is, even at 30, I haven’t even reached the mid-point in life. Oh wait, has our society shifted this mid-point so much so that the world tells us to settle down and get a life before 30?

Christ in Me

If I haven’t know much about Christ, I would be panicking by now, worrying about my future and constantly harbouring this thought that I’m old. But after receiving a fresh revelation from God, I know I’m only getting younger and better with each passing day as I draw strength from Lord. Now, at 30, I’m pretty confident that my life would eventually turn out the way it should be even though I’m still at the stage of exploring and wondering where should I head to next.

Honestly-speaking, I still have not figure out what I want to do exactly in life and what career paths I should take. It’s only recently that I learnt money and the materials of this world do not satisfy you. It is only at this time and age where people can start living the dream and make money out of doing something they love. What do I love and what can I do? I can’t seem to figure it out exactly at this point. Maybe time will tell. I’m not too anxious about trying to figure it out as I know I would eventually get to it.

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What I’m Proud of 

Starting from my mid-twenties, I managed to shed off some kilos, led a healthier lifestyle and found a soul mate whom I believe God has chosen him just for me. What I’ve sought and asked for, God gave to me graciously. I had no regrets about the decisions I made and the paths I took thus far, but I only wish I dared to live bold when I was in my twenties. And this is what I would tell to my 20-year-old-self.


A Letter to Myself

Dear 20-year-old-me,

1. Get to know your Creator.

Do not be anxious. Do not be afraid. First and foremost, attend a church and learn about your true creator. Discover how God loves you and how He provides you with abundant life. Learn the truth and do not waver. As a kid, we often wonder how the Earth and humans were formed. You’re now at the right maturity level to understand the universe. Continue to seek wisdom from your daily readings and conversations.


2. Exercise your body and mind.

With the holy spirit in you, begin to stay open-minded and try new things. Join a gym and attend exercise classes. Participate in fitness classes that not only make you lose weight but also teaches you more about your body. Exercise and training hard will make you understand what’s mind over body is all about. You will understand that everything starts in mind and what you think is what you get. Do this as early as you can and stop procrastinating.


3. Feel Loved

Seek for love only when you are truly comfortable with yourself. Don’t seek for one just to fill up your loneliness. Love will come magically at the right time when you are comfortable with yourself that even without the glass slippers, you feel like Cinderella. It’s cliche to talk about loving oneself. But how would you be able to love your present self without knowing that your creator, God values you highly above? If you know you’re seated on the throne next to God, you’ll never detest your current body shape, the pimples or the scars you have. You’ll not try to be someone else to make more friends, try to be popular and work hard just to be at the top. You’ll know that life in itself is full of grace and how we humans are meant to enjoy this precious life on earth.


4. Build relationships

Your family and friends are your first helpline. Invest time in them to build and strengthen bonds because they are the ones who are part of the stepping stones in your life. Sacrificing your time for self-gain is not worth at it. Even if you’re an introvert, allocate some time to hang out with your closest friend. Also, choose your friends wisely.


5. Take responsible risks

Too afraid of sitting the roller coaster? This is the best time to conquer your fears and take responsible risks that would help you increase your confidence level. Do not be afraid of the possible outcomes or consequences for God will take care of it.

And that’s it. No matter where you are right now, you’re not lost and never be afraid. Even this letter or advice by any other 30-year-olds will not provide you with the golden key to your purposeful and desired life. Remember to trash this letter after reading and simply leap out of your bed to find out all the exciting things that await you. Leave your negative emotions behind as there’s simply no room for it at all.



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