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PHS Science Capsule

One of my favourite beauty treatments is to get a scalp treatment. It’s akin to a relaxing spa session where you get your scalp, neck and shoulders massaged. I’ve been to several places to do scalp treatments before, and each session is typically about two to three hours long. It is a bane of spa treatments which are usually more time-consuming. Some enjoy extended pampering sessions, but others with hectic schedules might prefer shorter treatment sessions. These days there are hair spa boutiques which offer quick, simple yet effective treatments where you can get a treatment done within an hour or so. PHS HAIRSCIENCE® CAPSULE is one such boutique centre which provides targeted, effective and efficient scalp solutions for time-conscious individuals.


The Capsule 

During my visit to their new Capsule outlet at Bedok Mall, I tried their scalp treatment where they incorporated their latest products, Miracle Stem Cell Solution. The capsule includes a retail storefront where they sell their range of hair and scalp products. There’s also this treatment room which is hidden away by a hidden sliding door that provides some privacy for clients. This is where you can enjoy a quick 45-minute in-store scalp treatment.

Scalp Analysis 

Before the treatment, their lead consultant did a scalp scan analysis for me to check out my scalp condition. I was utterly shocked to see how clogged the pores on my scalp are! From the photo below, you can see the clumps of debris mixed with oil, dead skin cells and dirt, clogging up the pores on my scalp. I guess this scalp treatment is indeed very timely for me and I couldn’t wait for them to do a deep cleanse on my scalp.


More Problems

Due to the clogged pores that prevent the new hair follicles from growing, I faced a hair fall problem especially at the crown of my head. Also, my scalp appears to be quite sensitive too. Spotted those patchy red areas on my scalp? These are signs that I have a sensitive scalp. To balance my scalp, I would also be doing a scalp mask before applying the Miracle Stem Cell Solution to my scalp.


Help is on The Way

I knew I was in safe hands as the hair and scalp therapist I was assigned to seem very experienced. The minimalistic interior and soft background music put me into this peaceful and relaxing mode albeit the ongoing Chinese New Year celebrations happening at the atrium of the mall.


Beverages came with a cookie and a hot towel. Having been able to select the choice of tea from their tea menu,  I was felt rather pampered – talking about personalized services.



The Scalp Treatment

Step 1: Deep Cleanse

My therapist kick-starts the treatment with a light shoulder massage and followed by a hair wash. I could finally feel my scalp breathing again after the deep cleansing step using two different types of shampoo. The shampoo leaves a slightly minty and tingling sensation on my scalp and I love it! The product refreshes the scalp.

They also this machine that sprays out jets of water at a high pressure to flush out all the dirt trapped in my scalp.


Step 2: Scalp Mask

A gel-like scalp mask was applied generously to my scalp with a brush.   Next, she did a scalp massage for me. To further increase the absorption rate of the mask, she shines this infra-red light onto my scalp for about fifteen minutes.


Step 3: Miracle Stem Cell Solution + Oxygen Scalp Therapy

Finally, the much-awaited hair miracle is about to unfold. Before applying the miracle stell cell solution onto my scalp, she used the Oxy get Spray to oxygenate my scalp. This oxygenation process helps to improve blood circulation and is anti-inflammatory.

Next, the stell cell solution was infused into my scalp using oxygen which is released together with the solution to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients to the follicle cells. This is followed by another round of scalp oxygenation.


How Miraculous is the solution?

Miracle Stem Cell Solution developed by a team of Korean bio-scientists, trichologists and dermatologist specialising in hair restoration surgery. The solution contains a proprietary botanical complex of nano-sized growth factors, peptides and cytokines called SigGrow™ which has been proven to be effective in reviving hair follicles.

The Miracle Stem Cell solution helps address specific stages of hair loss such as Androgenetic Hair Loss, Patchy Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata). It could also help in grey hair reversal.

The Miracle Stem Cell Solution is also free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils and benzophenones. It is non-invasive in the application.


The Results

The whole treatment took roughly about 90 minutes long, and I enjoy every single bit of it. Comparing with my past experiences at other hair and scalp treatment centres, I have to say that PHS Hairscience offers the best scalp treatment experience regarding their service and products. Their treatment procedures are thorough and quick.

At the end of the treatment, my scalp not only looked cleaner but the redness on my scalp has also subsided.


Nonetheless, a one-time scalp treatment would not be able to get rid of my hair loss concerns overnight. Home care is crucial. The consultant suggested some hair and scalp products from their own range of botanical home hair and scalp products for me to use at home. I’ve been using their shampoos, conditioner and hair tonic for almost a week or so now. Slowly but surely, my scalp should be revived in no time.


Are you getting to the ‘roots’ of the problem?


PHS Hairscience Capsule 

311 New Changi Road

Bedok Mall


Singapore 467360

Opening hours: 11 am to 9 pm (daily)

Tel: 6692 0662



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    1. For hair loss, Bee Choo ladies and Gui Ren Tang are the best ones so far. But not sure how Gui Ren Tang has changed over the years. As for Bee Choo ladies, the only downside is the herbal smell it leaves on the hair.

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