Sam’s Birthday Dinner @ Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry


Sam’s Big 30

Sam is a big fan of curry rice. On his 30th birthday, I decided to bring him to a restaurant that serves excellent Japanese curry rice. A quick search on Google reveals several top restaurants (4-star rating and above) where I could get delicious Japanese curry rice. I settled on Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry as I’ve yet to try Japanese white curry before and also, the price for each set meal is somewhat affordable.

Japanese White Curry

It’s probably the only restaurant in Singapore that serves Japanese white curry which is prepared with Hokkaido milk, and thus it appears to be very creamy and rich. The reviews on Google Maps were mostly positive, and I knew this would catch Sam’s fancy too.


I was proven to be right! Both of us enjoyed our meals at Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry and here’s what we ordered from the menu.

The Menu

There is currently only six different meal sets to choose from, and I went for the Crunchy Chicken Katsu while Sam went for the Juicy Hamburg. There’s a free flow of rice, clam soup and curry! If you’re a big eater, it’s worth coming here. For us, the set meal itself was sufficient, and we didn’t order any additional rice, soup or curry.


Our Set Meal

Our food came promptly. We didn’t have to wait very long. Each set comes with a bowl of clam miso soup, Akita Komachi rice and truffle oil chawanmushi. Truffle lovers would fall head over heels with their fluffy soft chawanmushi.


Crunchy Chicken Katsu Set($15.80++)

When the mains came, I was surprised to see how big the chicken katsu slices were. It looks tender and perfectly cooked. The curry was creamy, and it has this spicy kick to it. Since the curry was served on the plate, it cooled down real fast. It’s best to enjoy piping hot curry that was just served out of the pot. The chicken slices were delicious and crunchy, but it wasn’t served hot. It’s as if the chicken katsu has been left out to cool for an hour before serving.


Juicy Hamburg Set ($15.80+)

The Juicy Hamburg was equally good, and it didn’t disappoint us. But of course, the beef patty appears to be smaller than the Chicken katsu cutlet. Sam kept saying that he should have ordered the chicken katsu meal set instead. In fact, I think the Chicken Katsu, Ebi fry and Iberico Katsu pairs better with the white curry as oppose to Hamburg with curry.


Our Verdict

Overall, the dining experience was great, and there isn’t a dinner crowd on a weekday evening, so it was all good. They do have a partnership with Fave so do check out the Fave app to see if there are any exclusive deals!

In total, we spent about $30 plus for two set meals with 2 cups of hot green tea that costs us a dollar each. I would say that it is very affordable for a decent Japanese meal at a casual dining place in town.

Sam’s Big 30

I also prepared a little goodie box for Sam. Check out the YouTube Video link below to watch the full vlog on his birthday celebration!


We were celebrating Valentine’s Day too. I thought he would come empty-handed, but he didn’t. He surprised me with three roses to celebrate our third Valentine’s Day together as a couple.


Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry 

Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Blvd



Tel: 6265 1314



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