Sonaki VitaC Showerhead: Chlorine-free Showers


The Showerhead Innovation

I enjoy watching Facebook feed videos on the latest innovations and useful inventions to date. It excites me to think of how our lives could be improved and transformed for the better. This showerhead with Vitamin C filter by SONAKI, for instance, is one of those innovations which would greatly benefit those who face health and skin issues with chlorinated water. This vitamin C filter is said to filter out chlorine present in the water.

Our water supply from the public utilities is sanitised with chemicals to keep it safe for consumption. But the presence of chlorine in water could cause drying of the hair and skin. Others might be sensitive or allergic to chloramines. Wonder why our skin is always dry or your hair falls out after showering? It could be due to the condition of the water you’re using.

Chlorine in Singapore’s Tap Water

In Singapore, water is treated and then disinfected using chlorine at PUB waterworks. Residual chlorine is also present in the water to keep it germ-free. Of course, the chlorine levels in our water is safe for consumption and daily use.

After reading the reviews on SONAKI Vitamin C filter, it seems like there are people out there who are sensitive to the small chlorine traces found in water. As for myself, I have no qualms about Singapore’s quality of water. I do not have any skin allergies, but I do have sensitive skin. Being a health-conscious individual, I’m highly curious to find out whether the Vitamin C filter works in neutralising the chlorine and whether showering with chlorine-free water would make any difference to my skin. Besides, we all know that chlorine is quite harmful to the hair and skin. Remember how your skin and hair would feel when you emerge from those heavily-chlorinated swimming pools?



Product Claims

On SONAKI’s Singapore website, we know that the products are designed and made in Korea. It claims that their Vitamin C filters could filter out 99.9% of harmful Chlorine present in the water. Chlorine-free showers? I’m totally for it.


CRYSTAL Vitamin Showerhead with Vitamin C Filter

I got to try out their CRYSTAL VitaC Showerhead which already comes with the Vitamin C filter cartridge fitted in it. Like any other showerheads, it is super easy to install the showerhead. You just need to unscrew the existing showerhead from the hose and replace it with the VitaC showerhead.


How to Use

On the packaging, it stated that the showerhead has a triple spray mode (Shower, rain and massage) which is switchable with the control knob. But on the control knob itself, there are only two settings – shower or massage. I presume that the rain mode would refer to the similar shower mode but on low pressure.


Showering Modes

I enjoy switching up and using the different showering modes. The massage setting generates a strong water pressure which is great for giving yourself a hydro massage therapy. On the other hand, the shower setting produces high-pressure jet streams of water which helps to rise out the soap on your hair or skin more efficiently. I have to say that the water pressure the showerhead generates is indeed quite powerful!


Massage Setting



Shower Setting


The showerhead is relatively quite heavy as compared to the other showerheads which I’ve used before. But if this product is effective, the weight is perhaps secondary. It would always be left attached to the showerhead holder, allowing you to shower hands-free.


Vitamin C Filter

To replace the Vitamin C cartridges, you will just need to turn the showerhead knob and head apart, remove the used cartridge (by knocking it out with some force against your palms), then slot in the new cartridge. Easy peasy! Each cartridge is said to last for about three to six months. But then again, it depends on how often you use it as well. I have been using it for almost two weeks now along with my two other family members who also shower daily, and one-third of the cartridge is nearly gone.


They do sell the Vitamin C filters on where it comes in a set of three for a price of $14. It seems rather inexpensive, but it is going to incur some costs if you look at it in a long-run.



The vitamin C in the filter is food-grade and when it dissolves upon mixing with water. It is in the form of white granules. When it dissolved in water, it would neutralise chlorine, and other chlorine compounds such as chloramines found present in the water.


How does the filter work?

When you turn on the shower, the water bypass the filter and the chlorine in the water gets neutralised by the Vitamin C granules found in the filter. After you turn off the shower, you can still see water present in the filter. The water which remains in the showerhead also added weight.



Let’s put it to the test!

So I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, and I even got my folks to try it as well. During showers, I can smell the slight hint of citrus from the water. One noticeable difference is the condition of my skin. My skin felt softer and smoother after showers. Nope, I did not change my bath products at all during this testing period.

Overall, it is a great innovative product. The stylish showerhead is very sturdy and durable. The water pressure setting works out great, and it would greatly benefit those who are sensitive or allergic to chlorine. But it is going to incur some costs in replacing the vitamin C filters.


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