AIRZONE @ City Square Mall : What to Expect


airzone at city square mall

‘Suspended’ Indoor Playground

You’ve probably seen all Facebook videos about this ‘suspended’ indoor playground called Airzone at City Square Mall (an Eco-friendly mall in Singapore) and how fun it looks! It sure is, and I was super elated that I got to visit the playground and have a ball of a time. I mean, this is playground is first of its kind and where else can you find such playground which is open to both kids and adults? To whoever start AIRZONE in Singapore, thank you! You’ve just made this city more interesting to live and work in.



airzone counter at city square mall

Now, if you’re heading there for the first time, here are some tips I would like to share with you and also what to expect when you’re there.


Airzone is Singapore’s first-ever air-suspended net playground in a shopping mall. The ticketing counter is at level Two of City Square Mall. The air-suspended net playground spans across three stories and there are various themed zones such as the AIRZONE ball pit and the Maze.

 airzone ticket at city square mall

Before Entering The Playground

Currently, the ticket pricing is $18 per pax (Usual price is $20 per pax). The cost per pax is the same for both adult and children. Tickets can be purchased on site with cash,  NETS or credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

You will need to present the ticket before you enter the playground. The playtime slot opens hourly starting at 11 am and you will have about 60 minutes of playtime in the playground. We went in at around 8 pm. It is best to arrive about 15 minutes earlier so that you have some time to store your bags in the locker and get ready. There is also be a safety briefing where they would explain the rules. This, I would advise you to arrive early in order to enjoy a full 60-minute session of fun!

 airzone locker at city square mall

The ticketing price might seem costly at first, but if you consider the amenities they provide, it is pretty alright. First of all, there are two wooden shelves for you to store your non-valuable items. You could also use their lockers for free as well.

 airzone free locker at city square mall

Inside the lockers, there are cables for you to charge your mobile. How thoughtful! I never thought that a playground would provide such amenities. Afterall, what you pay is what you get. Could this possibly be the most expensive playground in the world?

 airzone free locker with charger

What to Bring and Wear


You can bring your phone to the playground!

My boyfriend and I were contemplating if we should bring our phones along as we wanted to take pictures but at the same time, we were both worried that our phones might drop through the net. Guess what? The peeps at AIRZONE had specially prepared handphone protectors with neck straps attached. You could simply loan the phone strap holder from them and strap it across your neck. How awesome!

Wear Sports Shoes

It is best for you to wear covered toe shoes like sports shoes where your feet are well-covered and wear long pants to reduce contact between your skin and the ropes. You might suffer from some skin abrasions on areas which are not covered.

That day, I wore open-toe sandals, and they gave me a pair of socks to cover my feet. They also provide rubber slip-on, but the sizes are usually quite small.  Some of the shoes stink towards the end of the day. So I highly recommend that you wear sports shoes. It is also easier to move and run along the nets and ropes in a pair of sports shoes.

Prepare to Sweat

You can go to sweat and burn some calories from all the climb and run. So it is best to wear a breathable shirt and long pants.

handphone pouch by airzone

The First Tier: AIRZONE Ball Pit

Our favourite zone is the ball pit, and it is also where a blogger parent once announced on Facebook that she got ‘drowned’ in the pit of balls. Do rest assure that you will never get drowned in a pit of balls. It might get slippery with the balls rolling all over but never panic if you slip right into the bottom. All you need to do is to grab the net and crawl out. It is that easy. In fact, some of the adults like to dive into the ball pit to reach the bottom and then crawl out again. Guys, jumping into a ball pit is way safer than jumping into a pool of water. At least, you can still breathe properly in a pool of light plastic balls.

ball pit at airzone

The nets are super sturdy. It’s like a massive piece of a hammock that stretches across the atrium. According to AIRZONE’s website, it can hold two Singapore buses full of passengers. AIRZONE only allows a maximum of 60 people into the playground at one time. It can be a little tad too crowded. I was there on a Thursday evening, and there were only about eight of us in total. It was a comfortable number, and you don’t have to wait for each other just to slide down or climb up.

ball pit net at airzone

This is why we love hanging out at the first tier where all the white and blue balls are found. It is indeed very comfortable to be lying in a pool of balls.

drowning in the ball pit of airzone

We weren’t the only ones who love the ball pit. We spotted this young couple who tried acting like ‘John Cena’ and diving into the pool of balls for an umpteenth number of times.

 drowning in the ball pit of airzone

Second Tier: AIRZONE Relax and Play

To head up to next level above you, you will need to climb through the ‘tunnel’. To head down to the next level, you will need to slide down. It’s that simple. On the second level, you will find the AIRZONE Relax and Play where you will find some colour balls for you to toss and play.

free play area at airzone

You can have fun bouncing on the balls or nets. It is a free play area.


free play area at airzone

Third Tier: AIRZONE Maze

It is a two-level maze where you would have to go on fours and crawl through the narrow openings. I wouldn’t advise adults to play this unless you’re small enough to squeeze your way through. I feel that it is more for kids. If I were to bring my kids (in future), I will chill at the Ball Pit and get my kids to play in the second or third tiers.


airzone maze

I love the slides. It is fun sliding down as it is quite steep. But it isn’t fun if you’re wearing a pair of pants which causes friction. The friction is going to slow you down.

slide at airzone

Close to 9 pm, the attendants at AIRZONE would inform us that the time is up and we would have to slide down to counter. If you need to drink up, you can purchase water at the counter. They also sell AIRZONE merchandise like the Tote bag, phone pouch, trainer socks and water pouch.


My Verdict

It’s the best playground I’ve ever been to! To me, it is like a gym. Because all the crawling and climbing exercises help you train your arm and leg muscles. It is almost like a full body workout. I would recommend families with young children to drop by there. It is not a bad idea to have your date spent there as well. Is it safe for kids? Yes! There is staff stationed at each level to keep watch of everything. You should accompany your child to the playground just to make sure they are okay. You will never know what sort of crazy things kids love to do.

airzone maze


Level 2 (North Atrium)

City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road

Singapore 208539


Opening Hours: 11 am – 10 pm (Last admission 9 pm)

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