BurgerUP: D.I.Y Mouthwatering Burgers to Die for


After visiting BurgerUP Express at Northpoint City, I had the urge to visit their main outlet to try out their customised burgers as well as to check out the other food offerings. I visited their outlet at Punggol Waterway Point which was about an hour MRT ride from where I stay. But I tell you, it is worth the trip. Their burgers do not disappoint, and I’m officially a fan of BurgerUP. This local burger joint easily trumps over all the other fast-food burger-chain stores which I’ve been too.

What are their winning factors?

1) You can customise your burgers! 

Head over to their order kiosk and simply choose the type of meat patty and buns you like. You can also decide what goes into the burger. There’s a good variety of sauces to choose from as well. How about upsizing your burger by having three meat patties stacked on top of each other? You can get creative with this.


It was not difficult to order for my partner, Sam because all I had to do was to choose all the ingredients which fancy him. He loves beef, turkey bacon and egg. I guess to most men, a burger which has this much meat stuff in it is the real deal. For me, I ordered their Fish Burger which is a promotional item offered during February. For only $5, you get a fish burger with fries and a drink. I wish I could share with you guys this good deal earlier but not to worry as there are more promotions to come at BurgerUP.


2) They offer a good variety of sides!

From cheese fries, coleslaw to breaded mushrooms, you can pair any of their delicious sides with the burger you’ve just customised. For a healthier alternative, you could even opt for coleslaw, mushroom soup or their breaded mushrooms. I find them all very tasty too.


Chili Con Carne Fries





Mushroom soup



Breaded Mushroom


3) Delicious Local-style Rice Sets

Their fried chicken egg rice tasted just like Nasi Lemak with the chilli sambal, coconut rice and fried chicken. I enjoy their rice meals as the chilli sambal is very fragrant and it tasted rather authentic. I just wish that they would add a little more rice to go along with the ingredients found in the rice box. You could also order rice along with your burger patties if you prefer rice over buns.


4) The Real Deal

Here comes the real burger taste test. How does our DIY burger fair? The super fluffy buns, together with the 100% beef patty, bacon, egg and savoury sauces came together so perfectly. The beef patty is so juicy, and the generous amount of sauce would drip as you sink your teeth into it to take a bite.


My only qualm is the appearance of the burger which looked quite messy with all the sauces and ingredients packed into it. But taste-wise, it superseded my expectations.


Things got a little better with my fish burger because everything was in apple-pie order with each ingredient stacked up pretty neatly on top of each other.


Once again, I was blown away by the fish burger. I favour the soft sesame buns as well as the cheese slices and tartar sauce that complemented so well with the fish patty. It’s the real deal because this tasted exactly like a gourmet burger served at restaurants. With the soft buns, it makes it easier for me to take a bite without having to flatten out the burger or try to open my mouth as wide as I could just to take a mouthful of it.


I am pretty sure I would be back again soon. I’m missing my fish burger already.



Punggol Waterway Point


83 Punggol Central

Singapore 828761

Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 11am-11pm

Fri and Eve of Public Holiday: 11am-12am

Sat, Sun and Public Holiday: 9 am – 11 pm

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