How to Sleep Your Way to Healthier Skin

Bags under the eyes, blotchy skin, pimples, a greasy T-zone, anyone? No, me neither!  

Isn’t it supposed to be called ‘getting your beauty sleep’? Why then do we keep waking up feeling terrible and looking worse?

Well, there could be a couple of reasons for that. Firstly you might not be getting enough of the good stuff. If you are getting anything less than the doctor recommended 7-9 hours a night, then you are doing your health, and your skin no favours at all.

Girls, just because your man is getting up early doesn’t mean you should, studies have shown woman need more rest than their male counterparts. 

Secondly, so many of us just don’t give our body the tender loving attention it so badly deserves at the end of the day. Simply hopping into bed without showing our skin a little love can mean we wake up with a dry and damaged visage. A night here and there isn’t going to make a big difference but over time neglected your skin can have a significant impact on your appearance.

If you want to ensure you end up looking like Tommy Lee Jones by the age of 35, follow our handy hints below. Don’t get us wrong Tommy, we love you, but you have some mean wrinkles!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This is my absolute number one top tip to keep your skin in shape. It’s my number one tip to keep your entire life in shape – drink more water.

Have you ever seen one of those nature shows where the elephants finally find a watering hole after weeks of wandering through drought-stricken savannah? Well, that’s how much I want you to drink during the day.

I stress drink during the day because downing four glasses of the wet stuff just before bed is only going to leave you waking every couple of hours in need of the toilet. And nobody wants that!

Keeping hydrated does wonder for your skin. Drinking more water is a super simple change you make to your life. All it requires is you to buy a water bottle, after that it won’t cost you anything all.

  1. Don’t smash your face into your Pillow

We spend a whole heap of our time lying in bed. By some estimates, we spend a full third of our entire life asleep. If you sleep on your stomach, that means you spend a third of your life squashing that beautiful face of yours into your pillow.

Pillows are soft, yes and if you are going to smash your face against anything for hours at a time pillows are probably a good choice. But, our fluffy feathered filled friends, aren’t as inviting as they may seem.

Pillows collect sweat, skin particles and remnants of whatever moisturiser you use as part of your pre-bed beauty regime (more on that below). All of this gunk is transferred to your lovely skin as you slumber away none-the-wiser.

My advice, sleep on your back. Not only will flipping over and facing the sky be better for your skin, but it is also way, way, better for your posture, your neck and your back.

It can take a little period of adjustment to change how you sleep. Actually, from my experience, it can take an extended period of adjustment. But ultimately it is well worth the worth the initial discomfort. If it helps there are special pillows out there that can help.

  1. Never go to bed un-cleansed

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

Now, ladies, I know none of you out there would ever, ever, consider going to bed without first cleansing but just in case it bears repeating.

Even if you haven’t put a scrap of makeup on that day, or also if you use stuff that’s kinder to your skin, you must still wash your face thoroughly. Have you not seen the news? The world is a filthy polluted place, full of a myriad of invisible things that just adore attaching themselves to your face.

If you arrive home late and tired, I know the temptation can be overwhelming to skip the mirror and simply flop into bed, but please, please don’t forget to cleanse. Don’t do it for me. Do it for your skin!  

Well, there you have it, three top tips on how to sleep your way to healthier skin. All three are pretty much free, none of them is that hard and each of them will have a big impact on the health of your skin. Feel free to ignore my advice but remember, Tommy Lee Jones’ face is out there waiting for you!

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