IRÉN(Review): Why Serums Are Like Skin Antidotes

IRÉN Customised Serums

On our vanity table, you will often find multiple skincare products which would use before we hop into bed and after we hop right out of it. Out all these dainty-looking bottles of skincare solutions, what would be that one product which you can’t live without? I believe that the soul or essence of a skincare solution lies in its serum. Serums often contain powerful active ingredients which can penetrate right into the skin to target specific skin problems.

Serum As A Skin Antidote

I used to think that a good moisturiser is what the skin truly needs. Indeed, hydration is essential, but if you want to treat your dull and dry skin, you’ll need potent ingredients to speed up the skin rejuvenation process. That also explains why a small bottle of serum often comes with a relatively big price tag. It is no different from an antidote – a little of it goes a long way.

IRÉN Skin Serums

Soon, I will be entering my thirties, and I’m beginning to see why it is worth investing in quality skincare products. As ageing kicks in, my skin started to become drier, dull and uneven. I’m also beginning to see pigmentation spots dotted across my cheek areas. Currently, I’m relying on IRÉN Skin Serums to improve my skin conditions. And what I love about these serums are how I could customise my serums right at home to target at my specific skin concerns.

Customisable Serums

IRÉN has released a series of serums, with each targeting a specific concern. To customise my serum, I could select preferably different types of serums that target my skin woes. My dry, dull and pigmented skin called for these three different types of serums recommended to me. They are namely, the anti-ageing serum, whitening serum and hydrating serum.

IRÉN Serums
Superfruit Concentrates in a Bottle

Each serum is formulated with active superfruit concentrates such as goji berries, beet and blueberries to restore balance to the skin. There are up to 5% of the active ingredients in each bottle of serum. Each speciality serum targets a particular skin type and can be mixed and matched to suit skin needs.

‘Freshness Guaranteed’ Technology

These serums, which are packed with potent ingredients, have been formulated and tested by our homegrown chemist graduates from Singapore Polytechnic. These serums can stay fresh for a long thanks to the Ziplock Encapsulation Technology which helps preserve the active ingredients from degrading. This technology, created in partnership with A*STAR, involves a patented polymeric material that acts as a wrapper for each molecule of the active ingredient to ensure freshness.

IRÉN: How to use

My Experience with The Serums

These serums are contained in a 10-ml glass tube with a pump. To use, just twist open the cap and push the top of the lid to dispense the serum. Dispense about 2 to 3 drops of serum and gently massage it all over your face. Personally, I like to mix the serums in each application. Other times, I would alternate across the three serums.

The serums have a watery formula which absorbs very quickly into my nutrient-deprived skin. It just goes to show how ‘thirsty’ my skin is for such goodness! It literally ‘drank’ up all the good stuff in a split second. After patting the product into my skin, it does not feel tacky. However, if you apply more serum than you should on your skin, you can start to feel that slight tackiness on your skin. Less is always more.

My favourite serum thus far is their hydrating serum. After two weeks of application, I noticed how hydrated my skin feels throughout the day. In terms of efficacy, the hydrating serum does a better and effective job of hydrating my skin as compared to my daily moisturiser. The moisturiser merely acts as a barrier on my skin to prevent moisture loss.

My only qualm about this product is the design of the dispenser. I found it difficult to control the number of droplets dispensed using the pump. One gentle push on the pump actually dispenses all the serums in the dropper.

IRÉN Hydrating Serum
Hydrating Serum (Blueberries)
IRÉN Hydrating Serum
Whitening Serum (Yuzu)
IRÉN Anti-ageing Serum
Anti-ageing Serum (Goji Berry)
IRÉN - Serums (red)
Credit: IRÉN

Would you like to try these ‘skin antidotes’?

Currently, Irén Customized Serums cost $58 each. Innovated in Singapore and manufactures in Japan.

You can purchase them at Face Shower Bar by Irén at Citylink Mall, #B1-17A and Ikeda Spa. They could also be purchased online on their website.

Enjoy a 10% discount on Irén products when you buy online using this exclusive promo code ‘DEENISEFANS‘.

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