It’s the Time of the Month Again!


I do not know about you, but I still prefer using menstrual pads over to tampons or menstrual cups. It gives me a peace of mind without having to worry about washing the menstrual cups or removing them from the body. Sanitary pad brands like Laurier are offering decent quality pads which are highly absorbent and thus prevent leakages. When it comes to Laurier, it is all about comfort. Their sanitary napkins are usually very gentle and soft. This time Laurier has launched their new range of Ultra Gentle sanitary napkins.

Laurier Ultra Gentle


Extra Smooth and Breathable 

Do you know that these pads are dermatologically tested for superior comfort? The sanitary napkins have a unique wavy surface which minimises friction thus it feels so much more soft and well-cushioned. It is also extra breathable and highly absorbent due to its super absorbent layer that locks in in fluid quickly.


My Verdict

I would usually pack a few sanitary napkins into a pouch and bring it with me on-the-go. I like that the pads are slim and light so that it is easy to pack it into a small purse. These premium made-in-Japan sanitary napkins provide comfort even when on heavy days. Since it is also quite absorbent, you can go about doing your daily activities (e.g. exercising) without having to worry about leakage or experience any discomfort.


Product Range

Ultra Slim Light Flow 18s 20.5cm ($5.20)

Ultra Slim Day 16s 22.5cm ($5.40)

Ultra Slim Heavy Day 15s 25cm ($5.60)

Slim Night 10s 30cm ($4.80)

Slim Heavy Night 9s 34cm ($5.35)

Slim Extra Heavy Night 7s 40cm ($4.95)

Available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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