Tiberias, Israel: Day 7 – Sea of Galilee

This post marks day 7 of our biblical journey with the Church. It was part of the Hope and Grace TBN  Israel tour 2018 with Pastor Joseph Prince and Pastor Joel Osteen.

Mount of Beatitudes


Entering Tiberias towards the Sea of Galilee and seeing the vast green plains is indeed refreshing. It felt more like spring here with flowers blooming everywhere, as if to welcome you. Our first stop was Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Upon this hill, Jesus was able to speak to the vast multitudes as the hills have a hollowed slope that serves as a natural theatre. The acoustics there is perfect, and we even tested it out. Our church leader went up the hill to read a bible verse to us, and we could hear her voice so distinctly from the foot of the hill. Today, the plains are the foot of the hill is replaced with a banana plantation. Imagine the multitudes sitting at where the banana plantation is; listening to Jesus’s preaching on the mount.



After delivering the Sermon on the mount, Jesus walked towards Capernaum where he shared many parables and did many spectacular miracles there.

Church of the Promise of The Eucharist


At this site, we were able to view the remains of a fourth-century synagogue which was built over a first-century synagogue. Jesus would have stepped into the first-century synagogue which is believed to be built by the centurion who servant Jesus healed. Close to the synagogue is Peter’s mother-in-law’s house. Today, an octagon shaped church was built over the remains of the Peter’s mother-in-law’s house.


The Sea of Galilee (Boat Ride)


Before lunch, we went for a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee or the Sea of Chinnereth. The Sea of Galilee is a freshwater lake fed by river Jordan and lies about 180 metres below sea level. This is the same lake that Jesus walked on.


After we set sail, the boatmen hung Singapore’s flag alongside with Israel. We even sang our National Anthem onboard!


Even though it is just a lake, the waters can get pretty rough due to the strong cold wind currents. I could understand why the sea there can get somewhat stormy. Peter hesitated when the wind came, and he felt scared as he started to sink in water. Albeit the stormy seas and problems we faced in life, be still and know that Jesus is always there to outstretch His mighty hands to us.


We continued to worship the Lord on the boat as it sailed across the waters.


You could even feed these seabirds can fly real close to our boat.


We stopped over at Galilee’s Boat Center for lunch. Lunch was at a restaurant in a hotel near the Sea of Galilee.



Tzemach Beach

(Live Service on the Banks of Galilee)


We had front seats for this service which was great! They even served us a cup of fruits as a snack. It was also very sunny as well but praise the Lord; we were under the shade.


From the stage area, we were able to enjoy the view of the sea of Galilee.


The Hope and Grace Tour has many delegates across the world. We have delegates from United States, Australia and China. The group of delegates from China is looking quite prominent with their banner that reads ‘Pastor Prince, we love you!’.


Before the service, Matt Crouch interviewed this African-American lady who is in her eighties! All God’s people are indeed looking very youthful and glorious.


Christine Caine is the special guests during the service, and she also came up on stage to give a speech. She is an Australian activist and evangelist who love preaching fervently about Jesus.



Both Pastor Prince and Osteen came on stage to speak to us about the love of God. That evening Pastor Prince gave quite a long sermon, and he even showed us a video of the leper at Mount of Beatitudes. It was a moving video about a leper who was touched and cleansed by Jesus. It was another excellent service, and my heart was full that evening.


That’s a typical day for us in Israel during our biblical tour with Sar-El. Do check out for the next blog post as we unravel the other interesting sites in Jerusalem! Or you can visit my main blog post on Israel to have a look at our tour itinerary.

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  1. Such a wonderful place. What’s happening there right now breaks my heart. I’ve visited this country a few years ago and that was a wonderful experience. I think we just gave to wait and pray for the peace.

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