Caesarea, Israel: Day 9 – Caesarea

This post marks day 9 of our biblical journey with the Church. It was part of the Hope and Grace TBN  Israel tour 2018 with Pastor Joseph Prince and Pastor Joel Osteen. 

It was a Sunday, and we were off to Caesarea to attend the last live service by TBN. Before the live service and worship, we visited a few places. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted some of the earlier photos I took during the day. Thank the Lord; I do have some pictures left to showcase Caesarea on my blog. 

Tel Megiddo


We started our day exploring Caesarea Maritima before heading over to Tel Mediggo. This place was once a fortified royal chariot city under King David and King Solomon. It is located on Via Maris, an ancient trade route linking Egypt to Syria and Mesopotamia. The bible is not only a living word, but it is also a geography and history book. The history of Israel, in particular, is recorded in the bible. Up until today, I haven’t finish reaching the bible as there are too many stories to digest and devour.


Roman Aqueducts


Lengthy Roman aqueducts were constructed along the coastline of Caesarea as back then, Herod’s new city lacked fresh water. These aqueducts were built on Roman arches to allow the water from the springs of Shumni to flow by the pull of gravity. Water would flow through the aqueducts on the arches to Herod’s city. Today, we don’t have to rely on aqueducts to channel water from one place to another as we can do so via underground water pipes.

Live Praise and Worship Service Caesarea Maritima


In the late afternoon, we headed back to Caesarea Maritima for the live service. This time, Sar-El provided us with a sandwich box packed with two half-sandwiches and a chocolate wafer. It was a nice gesture since the service would end late and we might have a super late dinner. However, the sandwich soon turned cold as the sky darkens and the temperatures dropped drastically. We only reached back our hotel at 10 pm for dinner.

We sat at the theatre which was built by Herod the Great. It has a seating capacity of almost 3,500!


Nonetheless, the view from the Roman theatre was spectacular as the sun sets. The sky was imbued with red and orange hues. The service continued with Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermon as well as a worship segment right after that with Bethel Music.


By 7 pm, the temperature drops to below ten degrees and we were all feeling cold even with our thick jackets put on. My hands were almost numbed, and I believe that I had an ice bite on my right hand. But I guess, it was all worth it – singing praises amidst the cold and darkness – together with the other followers of Jesus from all over the world.


That’s a typical day for us in Israel during our biblical tour with Sar-El. Do check out for the next blog post as we unravel the other interesting sites in Jerusalem! Or you can visit my main blog post on Israel to have a look at our tour itinerary.

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