Shaw Theatres: The Shaw Premiere Movie Experience (Silver Screen)

shaw threatres at NEX singapore

This week has been tough, but at least, there are some things scheduled during the week which I could look forward too. Being with Sam has converted me into this movie buff. Typically, we would watch a movie together on screen once a month. We’ve pretty much watched every Superhero-themed film together because Sam himself is a huge fan of Batman. This month we caught the latest movie at Shaw Theatres.

Shaw Premiere One Tickets

Since the much-awaited Avengers: Infinity War movie is screening right now, we headed to the cinemas this week to catch it. God has been good to us. Since I had a $50 voucher at NEX, I thought why not spend it at the box office? Perhaps getting a pair of 3D movie tickets at Shaw Premiere? It costs $60 for a pair of tickets, and I thought it was probably one of the best purchase in life. The 3D movie experience is immersive and pretty mind-blowing.

shaw theatre box office NEX

I bought the Shaw Premiere one tickets at Shaw Theatres in NEX shopping mall. Shaw Premiere is similar to Golden Village’s Gold Class. If you have not watched a movie on the silver screen before, you should give it a try! It would make a good treat for your loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. For the two of us, it’s just a special date.

shaw premiere movie ticket

Do note that every purchase of Shaw Premiere movie ticket entitles you to one $5 F&B voucher to be spent at Shaw Theatres NEX premiere lounge. You can use the voucher to purchase popcorn or any other food items on the menu.

shaw premiere food voucher

Shaw Theatres Premiere Lounge

shaw theatre premiere lounge NEX

This particular Shaw Premiere lounge at NEX is quite small in my own opinion. It has a bar, kitchen and only one movie screening room. There’s also a private washroom in the lounge, and that could also mean you do not have to queue up for toilets after a movie.

shaw theatres 3D glasses

3D Movie Glasses

I was taken aback when the lady at the box ticket informed me that I would need to bring my pair of 3D glasses right after I paid for the tickets. Hey, why didn’t she informed me earlier? I’ve always thought that cinemas would provide 3D glasses. She later added that I would need to pay for a pair of 3D glasses if I do not own one. It’s $2 a pair.

I’m not sure why the cinema wouldn’t want to provide a pair. Sure, it might be for hygiene reasons, but to us consumers, it is somewhat pointless for us to buy a pair of 3D glasses. Is it not like we watch 3D movies or shows on a daily basis, right? Wouldn’t it be more eco-friendly if the cinema could provide and reuse the 3D glasses?

shaw theatre 3D glasses black

Shaw Theatres Premiere Menu

shaw premiere menu

Previously, we’ve ordered their truffle fries and it was good. I don’t recommend that you get their breakfast set as it is rather expensive and the portion is very small. If you do want to get some food, I suggest that you select from their ‘Premiere recommendations’. We ordered their Premiere popcorn set which comes with a soft drink and a huge bowl of free-flow popcorn. It is worth it if you love digging into popcorn with your partner.

shaw premiere premium popcorn set

Premiere Seats

Since it was very dark in the theatre, I actually couldn’t take many pictures of the theatre or our seats. To me, the best part of this premiere experience is the reclining seats. Imagine this – snuggling under warm blankets, sitting in the most comfortable adjustable leather seats and snacking on popcorn – while watching the movie. Truly, that’s the ideal kind of movie experience for most of us.

Would you pay more for a premiere movie ticket? Let me know in the comment box below!

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  1. Was the popcorn really free flow ? Because when I went there last time, we didn’t get any. We requested for more but got nothing.

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