Wishtrend: Tried it and I Love it!


After watching this YouTube video on Wishtrend, I was very convinced that I should get this Acne Scar and Pigmentation-free kit. It just clicked in my head like how two disjointed wires suddenly got connected. It was the best investment ever and here’s why.

My Skin Problem

I kid you not. I’ve been tackling my constant skin clogging problem since three years ago. I started doing facials since I was 23 and my complexion began to improve. My skin was nearly blemish-free back then. Out of the blue, my skin gradually became more sensitive, and it clogged up a week after facials.  I was advised to visit the salon regularly, thinking that it would calm and balance my skin. The therapist told me that I could be going through some hormonal imbalance that causes my skin to have blemishes. Worst still, my skin would scars all over since I have to get my skin extracted once every two to three weeks.

A Surprising Turn

Since my skin is not improving, I stopped visiting the salon after I completed my package with them. Perhaps my skin is now over-sensitive? It got me thinking if extraction is useful or harmful to the skin. Initially, I thought it might also be due to the products I’m using. Perhaps they are not suited for my skin. Some products worked okay on my skin, but I can’t seem to find a set of skincare products that worked together in sync to combat my skin conditions. Not until I discovered Wishtrend on Youtube while I was randomly watching videos there. Just to highlight, this post is not sponsored, and I do not have any affiliation with Wishtrend. I mean, I never knew that Korean beauty products could be the solution to my skin problems and not any other expensive high-end skincare products.



Acne and Pigmentation-free Kit For Clear Skin

In the Wishtrend video, they were promoting this set of products by Wishtrend that targets at acne and pigmentation. Coincidentally, these were the skin issues that bother me quite a bit. If I could kill two birds with one stone, then why not? Besides, the kit cost only USD 60 plus as it was on sale. It adds up to about SGD 80 plus for all the products which worked out to about $20 per product. The kit also includes COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch and a box of cotton pads.

So I’ve been using this product for almost three weeks from the date of purchase. My skin no longers clogged so quickly and I have fewer pimples formed. Overall, I finally felt that my skin is balanced. It doesn’t feel rough, and the appearance of whiteheads has decreased drastically.

Why is it so effective?


1) Effective Ingredients

One of the main ingredients in the products is Centella Asiatica. It is reportedly known for its collagen-boosting and skin repairing properties. This main ingredient is present in the toner, serum and barrier cream provided in the kit.

The other effective ingredient that aids in healing scars and lightening pigmentation is Vitamin C in the serum. It is a well-known fact that Vitamin C is excellent for brightening the skin tone, but it is often quite expensive.

2) Suitable Formula

The moisturiser is gel-based, and it is ideal for our skin type for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Even the serum and barrier cream are all lightweight.

The whole box took about less than a week to ship over from Korea to Singapore. It was surprisingly fast. So, what’s in the box?




This alcohol-free toner could be the game changer, but I am going to restock this once I’ve emptied it.
I used this toner together with the toner mate 2-in-1 cotton pads. Firstly, I soaked the compressed cotton pads with the toner and swiped it across my face. It’s meant to pick up any remnant after cleansing. Secondly, I soaked the sponge pads with the toner and patted it gently onto my skin.
This is perhaps the best way to apply toner onto your skin. In the past, I would just swipe the toner across my skin. It cleanses the skin thoroughly but I did not let my skin absorb the toner. Thus, the benefits of the toner were not fully maximised. I find that it is also much more hygienic to apply toner using cotton pads as compared with using hands. More than often, the toner gets absorb into your hands instead of the skin on your face.



The compressed cotton pads are made of 100% cotton. It gently exfoliates the skin while removing any debris or irritants left after washing your face. On the other hand, the sponge pads soak up the toner, and it helps to deliver the toner to the skin via gentle patting motion.




This serum has a slightly oily consistency even though it is supposed to be water-soluble and does not contain any oils. It contains more than 5% of Vitamin C, and thus it might oxidise over time. It is recommended that you finish the product within a year or so.



After applying the serum, my skin would feel soft and supply. Using a thin layer of water gel further hydrates the skin. Since it is very hydrating, my skin does look shiny especially during the day. But as long as my skin is blemish-free, I am good. This water gel keeps the skin hydrated for hours, and with that, it prevents my skin from secreting sebum which could be the cause of my clogged pores and whiteheads.
It contains 68% of vitamin leaf water that aids in brightening and lightening of the skin. My skin has definitely become more even toned after using the water gel along with the other products in the kit.




This barrier cream is an innovative product. It actually forms a protective layer to lock in the moisture and active ingredients within the skin. It also contains Centella Asiatica which promotes skin regeneration. In fact, it is excellent for those who go for acne extractions as it helps to strengthen the skin barrier after external stimulation.
I would just apply a thin layer over the affected areas. By then, my skin would feel super hydrated and looked a little shiny. However, I am not complaining because these products which contain active natural ingredients is working well on my skin.



This acne patch came free together with the kit. I have read great reviews about it before. Since my skin has improved by a leap, I didn’t really have to use these acne patches. But I’ve tried it once, and it did help to prevent the acne from aggravating.

My Verdict

Now I finally understood why Korean skincare brands are doing well in Asia and other parts of the world. The product formula is more suited to Asian skin and the ingredients used are more gentle on the skin. I’m impressed! And no wonder other bloggers are also singing praises of Wishtrend products. I do wish it was more eco-friendly though. With the use of disposable cotton pads, a lot of trash is produced. Perhaps creating reusable cotton pads would be an excellent solution.
Do check out my upcoming Youtube review video (below) of these products where you could also see how my skin has cleared up after three weeks!

Have you tried Wishtrend products before? Do let me know in the comments below.

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