Face Shower Bar : The 30-Minute Facial Shower (Review)


Do you have time for facials?


What exactly can you accomplish in 30 minutes? You can prepare a meal, get your groceries done or exercise to stay fit. It seems like there are just so many things to be done within a day that it might be difficult to even allocate 30 minutes of your time just for yourself. Moreover, there are times where you want to pamper yourself, but you can’t seem to squeeze out some time for facials or spa. Are you time tight?

Face Shower Bar, Not Your Typical Beauty Salon

For all you busy moms and working adults there, here’s the good news. You can get a proper facial done in 30 minutes which includes cleansing, exfoliating and masking at Face Shower Bar. It is Singapore’s first dry facial bar that offers high quality customized express facials. As a matter of fact, Face Shower Bar is a sister company of Ikeda Spa, which is one of the best Japanese-inspired spas in Singapore.

Are they effective?

Quick lunchtime facial treatments aren’t something new in the market. Most of the express treatments take about 45 minutes to an hour or so. In reality, we as consumers do doubt the efficacy of such quick treatments. Is each step of the treatment done thoroughly? A 30-minute facial? Is that it? After trying out the facial at Face Shower Bar, it has cleared up the doubts I had about such express facials. On the contrary, they have proven to me that their treatments are just as effective as a typical 2-hour facial. They rely on their quick facial shower machine and innovative skincare products.


Located Near CityHall MRT station

Face Shower Bar is at Basement 1 of CityLink Mall, nearer to Marina Square exit. It’s highly accessible and convenient location is an attractive factor for those who are working in the CBD area. Currently, you can just drop-in and get a queue number without having to book an appointment in advance. However, you are advised to give them a call especially during peak hours to find out how long is the waiting time. I was there on a weekday at around 5 pm, and I was the only one in the queue. Praise the Lord!

How does it work


1) Get A Queue Number

So, once you reach Face Shower Bar, key in your mobile number into this machine, found at the entrance, to get a queue number. It will also notify you via SMS which it is almost your turn.


2) Remove Your Makeup

Before the treatment, you will need to remove your makeup using the cotton swipes and micellar cleansing water provided at the pretty vanity area. I love the whole interior of this bathroom-inspired beauty salon. It has pastel blue and pink furnishings which added a pop of colour to its minimalistic outlook. It is a breath of fresh air, and the vanity area is very inviting indeed.


Chill. It’s almost time for a shower!



3) Sink into the comfy reclining armchairs

They’ve got the most comfortable reclining armchairs that it made me felt like I was lying on a bed of marshmallows. I might actually get one of these chairs and put it in my office.

Next, they will tuck you under their softest blankets, and all you need to do is just to lie there for the next 30 minutes. You could even catch a quick nap while they give your skin a good facial shower.


Products used

They used IRÉN products which is an innovative skincare brand developed by Ikeda Spa. I’ve reviewed their serums before and have been loving every precious drop of it!

Treatment Steps

At Face Shower Bar, they have developed their own skin solution called DermaSOS which incorporates of the use of their medical-grade hydra-dermabrasion machine. With this machine, the pores on your skin will be cleansed thoroughly through gentle chemical extraction with zero pain and downtime. Yes, you would still head out for a date right after the facial without feeling like the whole world is staring at your blemishes.

Before using the machine, the therapist cleansed my skin to remove any remaining dirt or makeup with IRÉN Massage Cleansing cream. This cleansing cream transforms into lightweight oil texture as you massage the product on your skin. The oil helps to remove any makeup or impurities without stripping any moisture away from your skin. It doubles up as a massaging cream as well. The therapist did a facial massage for me right after. Is this facial comprehensive? VERY!


The massage cleansing cream contains rose petal extracts, and thus it has a sweet floral scent to it.



1: Softening of the dead skin skin cells

2: Opening and cleansing of the pores with painless suction

3: Soothing the skin with a cocktail of calming solutions

After the treatment, they would add on a mask to further hydrate and nourish your skin.


Shower your skin with more love

If you have some spare time and would like to treat your skin concerns, you can opt for an add-on booster. For targeted concerns like congested skin, you can try their dead sea or charcoal in-shower masks. For me, I tried their Push Me Up booster which helps to firm up the skin and to create that V-shape facial contour. They used a multi-polar radio frequency machine with LED technology to help tone and lift up the skin. All I felt was a warm sensation, and that’s about it. Together with the booster, the whole treatment took about 45 minutes.


IRÉN Skin Serums + Promo code

After the treatment, they would nourish your skin with IRÉN Skin Serums. These serums could be customized and mixed together to suit your skin type and conditions. I heard that their Clearing Serum works really well. I love the whitening and hydrating serums too. The products are available online and remember to use my exclusive online promo code ‘DEENISEFANS‘ to enjoy a 10% discount on Irén products! Also, check out their website for updates and promotions. They are offering the Quick Shower Facial at the special first trial discount at $48 (U.P. $90) for first-time customers.


Have you showered yet?

My Verdict

This minimalistic facial is worth a try!


Face Shower Bar 
One Raffles Link #B1-17A
Citylink Mall
(Near Marina Square Exit)
Singapore 039393

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:30pm daily
Call 6920 8772


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