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IRÉN Skin Vaporizer: Would You Spend $338 on a Beauty Tool?

IRÉN Skin Vaporizer: Would You Spend $338 on a Beauty Tool?


So you might have come across my blog post on IRÉN skin serums where I shared about the philosophy behind their brand and how effective they are in addressing skin conditions. IRÉN is a local brand of skincare products under Ikeda Spa which is formulated by a team of chemist graduates from Singapore Polytechnic. And in this latest blog post, I will be revealing their latest innovation – the skin vaporizer.

IRÉN Skin Vaporizer

I was anticipating the launch of this beauty device after reading about it on their website. I believe that they created the vaporizer for users to apply the serums they have formulated with greater ease. Thus, instead of using your hands to apply the serum directly onto your skin, you could also spray the serums evenly across your skin using the skin vaporizer. This begs the question whether the direct application with your hands or via skin vaporizer is much more effective. What do you think? Would You Spend $338 on a Beauty Tool?

Let’s find out.


The vaporizer comes in a box along with a serum mixer bottle, USB cable, and 2-pin plug.


Not Your Conventional Mist Sprays

First of all, IRÉN Skin Vaporizer is not your usual type of mist sprays. This vaporizer dispenses micron-sized droplets which are as small as 200nm in size – finer than regular spray droplets. In today’s beauty industry, there is a constant buzz about nanotechnology where the smaller it is, the better it is for the product to bypass the pores and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

This device relies on its pressure boost technology to atomize liquids of various viscosity. That is to say that the device could also work with thicker liquids like liquid foundation. Also, the high pressure generated by device helps to drive the skin actives right into the skin more effectively.

The Beauty of Fine Mist

As you would have imagined, the mist generated is so fine that you probably wouldn’t feel like anything is sitting on your skin. You wouldn’t need to pat your skin with your fingers. It also allows for an even application of product on your skin. This form of hands-free application also prevents product wastage. More importantly, you do not have to use your bare hands to apply the products directly to your skin. Our hands, to begin with, might not be sanitized and the last thing you want to do is to introduce more bacteria onto your skin.

A Versatile Beauty Tool

Besides serums, you could also load the vaporizer with toner or liquid-based makeup like foundation and highlighter. It will give you that air-brushed look when applying foundation with the vaporizer. It is definitely a multi-functional beauty tool for the modern day woman.

Light and Portable

The device has a built-in 700mAh lithium-ion polymer battery that is USB chargeable. A full charge could last up to about two weeks. It weighs only 27 grams which isn’t much of a problem to carry it around. However, it is quite bulky for a device that could load up a small amount of the product.

How to use


It took me a while to figure how it works. You would first need to lift up the lid by pushing it up with your fingers.


You will find this small plastic container with a rubber-sealed lid in it. This container is where you load up your skincare products.


The container could be easily removed from the vaporizer for washing. However, I could only wash the container internally with running water as I was unable to remove the entire lid of the container to clean the inner corners of the container.


Upon closer observation, I noticed there’s also a line marked on the container to indicate the maximum amount of liquid it could hold.


Before using the vaporizer, I rinsed it with lukewarm water and then load the container with one of IRÉN skin serums. Although I could load up the container with more serum, I decided not to as I fear that the the product might lose its freshness if I transfer it into the vaporizer. Hence, I only load up the vaporizer with a sufficient amount of product for each use.

My Verdict

IRÉN Skin Vaporizer is an innovative product which is easy to use and highly versatile. Personally, I prefer using the vaporizer with my facial toner for a quick pick-me-up because the fine cooling mist helps to freshen up my skin. The fine mist definitely allows for quicker absorption of the product. Be sure to hold the vaporizer about 20 cm away from you so that the fine mist can be spread more evenly across your skin.

It also works great with liquid foundation as it does produce that Hollywood air-brush effect with a smooth and even finish. It also saves time as you do not have to spend time blending the foundation.

However, when it comes to serum application, I actually prefer to use my hands to massage the serum into my skin. Since IRÉN serums are highly absorbent, I didn’t have to pat the product into my skin for too long. I guess the warmth of my hands also helps promote product absorption. Also, I enjoy working the serum into my skin with my bare hands as I gently massage the product into my skin while giving myself a quick facial massage.

Nonetheless, it all boils down to your preference. If you are stretched for time and prefer a faster application method, you might want to invest in this revolutionary beauty tool.

IRÉN serums


The newer additions to my existing family of IRÉN serums include the soothing, clearing and anti-acne serum. Now, I could really create a cocktail of serums at home according to my skin needs. And my favorite out of them all is the clearing serum. This effectiveness of this serum is more apparent on my skin as I do have congested skin with blocked pores. And this serum has helped to smoothen out my skin and prevent my skin from getting further congested. Overall, my skin texture has really improved with the clearing serum.


To get more bang for your buck, I would highly recommend their customized skin serums.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Skin vaporizer and serums at Face Shower Bar by Irén at Citylink Mall, #B1-17A, and Ikeda Spa. They could also be purchased online at their website. Enjoy a 10% discount on Irén products when you buy online using this exclusive promo code ‘DEENISEFANS‘.

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