AIRZONE: Welcome to Candyland!


The Fun ‘Workout’

I’m glad to be back to AIRZONE for another fun ‘workout’ session with my partner Sam. Can you imagine all that running and climbing we need to do at this world’s first indoor netted playground? It was definitely a good workout session for us because we were somewhat feeling sweaty and sticky all over, after the 60-minute session.

Sugar Rush, baby

We were back at AIRZONE again because they had recently ‘sweeten things up’ with their new Candyland theme for July. In addition to the oversized inflatable lollipops and candy canes that added a pop of fun to the play area, there is a Candy Corner where you can purchase candies and snacks. This may sound like a dream come true for all kids out there with a sweet tooth.


Our Second Visit

We were more prepared this time round as compared to our first visit. That day I wore sneakers and pants to get myself covered up. I find that it is better to be fully-covered to prevent getting abrasions caused by the coarse sturdy nettings. For more tips on what to wear, prepare and bring to AIRZONE, you can refer to my previous post here.

A Family-friendly Playground

I truly enjoyed the time spent here at AIRZONE because it is very consumer and family-friendly. Lockers are complimentary. They loan out handphone pouches with straps so that you can bring your phone in to take pictures. They also have a stash of covered shoes for kids and socks in case you will need them. Also, there is a crew stationed at each level of the suspended playground. The crew not only help to take photos but also to play with kids while keeping a close watch of your safety at the playground. Kudos to them!


Sugar Rush

The colorful oversized candy-themed floats in the suspended ball pit on Level 3 will entice you to dive right in! I only wish that there are more oversized floats and balls so that we could literally swim in it! This is nonetheless my favorite section of the

This is nonetheless my favorite section of the AIRZONE because it is fun to bury yourself under a heap of balls. If you do not feel like moving around, you can just like on the suspended nets. It is no different from lying in a hammock. You have to try it for yourself to understand what I mean!


On level 4, you will come face to face to large Zorb balls and more doughnuts. I really think they can do more by adding in more Zorb balls to the play area so that we can ‘roll’ with the balls.


The maze zone on level 5 is where we get to work our arm and back strength as wriggle our way through the narrow openings. It could have been more fun if they tie real candies to the nets for us to grab. That would certainly attract more kids to come and play.


Coffeemin Lite

After an hour of play, we headed over to Coffeemin. It is a co-working cafe space right cross AIRZONE where you can enjoy a free flow of snacks and beverages for a minimal price of $6.50 per hour. There is a games corner where you can play board games and Xbox. This cafe can be used as an event space for birthday parties, family gatherings or team bonding sessions. During your visit to AIRZONE, you could make use of the space at

This cafe can also be used as an event space for birthday parties, family gatherings or team bonding sessions. During your visit to AIRZONE, you can make use of the space at Coffeemin to hold parties and gatherings.

And if you are a student who is looking for a cosy place to study, this might be it! Instead of going to expensive cafes for free WIFI, why not check out Coffeemin which has got everything you need at a much affordable price?


Games Corner


Work Space


Snack and Beverage Corner


To find out more about the pricing, check out the photo below or visit Coffeemin’s website for more information.


AIRZONE: Prices and Ticketing

Prices start at $20 for each one-hour session and $65 for a special 4-session pass for Singapore Residents, including Permanent Residents and Pass holders. You can also pre-book online at to guarantee a slot at your preferred time.

Tickets include free locker hire (subject to availability) to store loose personal items and also boasts a charging port for your mobile devices.

To celebrate the launch of Candyland, and for a limited time only, guests can enjoy a discount of 10% from Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays!


City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road


Singapore 208539

Opening hours: 11am – 9.30pm (daily)


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