Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining: Innovative Sushi Menu


Innovative Sushi Creations

I have to applaud Ami Ami‘s effort for taking the risk to recreate the way sushi rolls are being served. It was a unique dining experience where we get to taste colourfully-plated sushi rolls presented in various ways. This innovative new menu is created by award-winning Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki’s from Kuriya Dining, and I have to say that some dishes were unexpectedly good.

Ami Ami Restaurant

We visited Ami Ami restaurant at Great World City, which is one of the dining outlets at Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, located in the basement 1 of the mall. This new establishment just opened its doors a year ago in 2017, and they have been winning crowds with their fresh air-flown seafood grilled over the charcoal flame (or robatayaki) and tantalising tempuras. Just last week, they launched several new menu items with unusual sushi creations, which have set them apart from other Japanese restaurants. Let’s see how crazy they can get with sushi.


Restaurant Service and Interior

We visited the restaurant at noon on a Saturday, and it was relatively quiet, so we did get all the attention from the servers. The service was excellent, serving with a smile. It made the dining experience more enjoyable, with passionate people who are willing to put their best foot forward.
The restaurant’s ambience was good. The dining area is relatively quite big, and there were many cushioned seats. It’s great dining place for family gatherings or birthday celebrations.


Avant-Garde Sushi Experience

©DeeniseGlitz: Mixed Sashimi Carpaccio

Mixed Sashimi Carpaccio ($16.80++)

The mixed sashimi carpaccio makes a perfect appetiser. The plating was gorgeous and very attractive. We were told to pair the assorted sashimi, salmon roe and blanched sea urchin. Together with the crispy baguette toast. It is a tapas-style dish which whets our appetite. I just wish that the chef had served a couple more slices of baguette toasts because it tasted really divine. All of the ingredients used are as fresh as you can get.
If you would like to recreate this dish, you might be able to find some of the ingredients used at Kuriya Japanese Market which is adjacent to this restaurant.

©DeeniseGlitz: Mixed Sashimi Carpaccio
©DeeniseGlitz: Fruit & Ebi Tempura Vegetable Sheet Roll

Fruit and Ebi Tempura Vegetable Sheet Roll ($9.80++, 4pcs)

I was very excited about this dish because I don’t think I have tasted a fruit-topped sushi. It tasted so refreshing and very healthy since it consists of mainly fruits and vegetables. Instead of wrapping the sushi with nori seaweed, they wrapped it with a paper-thin carrot vegetable sheet. They further add a dash of mango mayonnaise to the sushi and finished off with a garnish of wasabi shrimp roe. It is definitely a must-try for vegetarians.

©DeeniseGlitz: Fruit & Ebi Tempura Vegetable Sheet Roll

I love the zing in the citrusy mango, which goes really well with the sauces and sushi rice.

©DeeniseGlitz: Fruit & Ebi Tempura Vegetable Sheet Roll
©DeeniseGlitz: Zuwaigani Shell Sushi

Zuwaigani Shell Sushi ($9.80++)

Though it looks very exquisite, the shredded snow crab meat didn’t taste the way we expected it to be. In hindsight, it might be served raw, so it has that heavy fishy taste. But this dish, which consists of crab meat, omelette and shrimp roe did not excite our tastebuds as much as the previous dish.


©DeeniseGlitz: Sushi Pizza

Sushi Pizza ($17.80++)

Thankfully, the subsequent dishes turned out much better. It takes a genius to use thin toasted spring roll skin as a pizza base, adding another dimension to the dish itself. You can taste the melted mozzarella with Gouda cheese that is layered over the generous portion of mixed sashimi, flying fish roe, omelette and avocado. I would trade Hawaiian pizzas for sushi pizzas anytime.

©DeeniseGlitz: Ebi Tempura Cheese Pie Roll

Ebi Tempura Cheese Pie Roll ($15.80++, 8pcs)

The last and final dish got both of our approving nods after taking the first bite. I was very inspired to create my own cheese sushi after experiencing the divine combination of cheese, sushi rice and tempura prawn. It complemented well with the teriyaki sauce, but I wish that the sauce wasn’t that sweet to begin with. Otherwise, it would have been a mind-blowing creation.


My Verdict

Overall, I am impressed with the restaurant’s food and service standards. It does tempt me to try their other dishes on the menu someday. Have you dined at Ami Ami restaurant before? Let me know if you have any other recommendations in the comment box below!

Recommendations: Ebi Tempura Cheese Pie Roll, Fruit and Ebi Tempura Vegetable Sheet Roll and Sushi Pizza.
©DeeniseGlitz: Ami Ami Restaurant by Kuriya Dining

Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining 
#B1-03/04 Great World City

(within Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street)
Singapore 237994
Tel: +65-6835-9071
Opening Hours:
11:30am – 3:00pm (Last Order: 2:30pm)
5:30pm – 10:00pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)

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