Dining with Eatsy at BLACK&INK


I had some time off on Friday to dine out at the cafe called BLACK&INK, a cafe which is usually brimming with brunch crowds on the weekends, and it can get rather packed. In situations like this, you might want to check out Eatsy.

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What can Eatsy do for you?

Eatsy is a collaborative dining app which allows you to order your food in advance once you have found a table.

Instead of queuing to order your food or calling for the waiter to take your orders, you can simply refer to the menu provided in the app and key in your order. Once you have done so, you can make the payment via the app using your credit card. There is also an option for you to split the bills with your friends and colleagues. How convenient! Since cashless payment has been settled before your meal, you can walk out of the restaurant or cafe like a boss.

Say you are doing a take-away, Eatsy allows you to skip the queue and order ahead of others. Once your food is ready for collection, there will be a notification sent to your mobile phone to alert you. If buying lunch is always a hassle due to the lunch crowd, this app could be your solution.

Trying out Eatsy

Like any other dining apps, Eatsy is quite a user-friendly app. Since it’s launch in 2017, it is still relatively new, and as such there aren’t many dining options available yet. Hopefully, more of your favourite restaurants and cafes will get added to the list soon!

Dining at BLACK&INK

As there wasn’t a crowd at the cafe on that Friday mid-afternoon, I did not have to rely on Eatsy to order my food. Just so you know, Eatsy has been running several promos via their app where you can get a few dollars off your bill. I would not mind saving a few bucks for coffee the next time round. And if you use my promo code ‘DEENISE5‘, you can enjoy $5 off your bill.* Besides saving a few bucks, you can also earn cashback too.

*This is a one-time use promo code for new and existing Eatsy users. Valid til 31 July 2018. 


Any recommendations?


You must not leave BLACK&INK without trying their coffee and desserts. I tried their Matchacino ($7.00) which has convinced me that Matcha can go well with coffee. I was told that their Baba coffee, an ondeh-ondeh inspired coffee, is also a must-try.

As for desserts, I recommend their croissant and cakes(,) like Lychee Rose cake. The Lychee Rose cake slice I had was super moist and very flavourful. The other more popular cakes are Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut Cake and Salted Egg Yolk Cheesecake.


I also tried their Praline Croissant Pastry is heavenly. I watched in awe as the hazelnut praline oozed out from the croissant as it was sliced apart.



They also offer a good selection of gelatos – from common gelato flavours like French Vanilla and dark chocolate to more unique flavours like Earl Grey and Durian King.


For mains, I tried their Shrooms Alio Olio Pasta ($16.80) which was superb. Pasta was cooked to al dente, and the spicy Shimeiji shrooms are delicious. This is one of their plant-based options for vegetarians.


Remember to download Eatsy app and start planning for your next meal!


29 Swan Lake Ave

Singapore 455718

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