Indulgence Beauty: My Skin Has Revived!

Facial Treatment

My Second Visit to Indulgence Beauty

My first visit to Indulgence Beauty was about two months ago, and I was satisfied with the results after doing my first facial with them. After my second visit, I could now attest that this has to be one of the better beauty salons I’ve been to.

Best Extraction Facial

First of all, they do have experienced therapists who are skillful in doing extractions. Previously, I had Ana who did the skin analysis and facial for me. Her extraction method was almost painless. And for this recent facial treatment, I had Rachel who did the extraction for me. Both of them were very careful in the way they use the needle to prick the skin to extract the comedones.

Based on my previous encounters at other facial salons, some therapists can be quite ‘unsparing’ with the way they do extractions. They believe in performing it swiftly and thoroughly so lessen the pain, but in doing so, I felt that the skin would get more sensitive over time. As such, I prefer Indulgence Beauty’s method of extraction.

Improved Skin Condition

Before the facial, I suffered from a mild chemical burn on my cheeks and forehead as I had applied too much tea tree essential oil on my skin. It was a silly blunder which I could only blame myself as I knew about the harmful effects of applying essential oils directly to the skin. Long story short, my skin started to peel after a few days, and it became even drier than before.

I informed Rachel about this, and she was cautious in the way she handles my skin. She recommended the use of cooling mist and hydrating mask to soothe the skin. I was so glad that I had her as my therapist for that session because my dry patchy skin looked so much better right after facial.

Soothing Facial Treatment

After the double cleansing step, she used a machine to generate cool mist onto my skin. Typically, the therapists would use hot steam to soften the skin cells and open up the pores. However, due to my current skin condition, using a cool mist to soothe the skin would be more suitable.

During extraction, she was careful not to exert too much pressure on the affected areas. She applied some toner to minimize the redness on my skin after extraction too. Overall, it wasn’t too painful or uncomfortable.

She proceeded to shape my eyebrows and cut out any stray eyebrow hairs. This was followed up by a gentle facial massage and masking. She also did a neck and shoulder massage which helps me to relax on the bed during the facial treatment.

My Verdict

The whole treatment took exactly 2 hours which is just about right as the therapist, Rachel is efficient at performing each step.

After applying a dab of eye cream, moisturizer, and sunblock, I was good to go. Before I hop right out of bed, she gave my back a good pat to further loosen up the muscles.

My skin felt as though it has been revived after lying there for 2 hours. Now that my skin is looking healthy and radiant, I am ready to embark on my next travel adventure.

Stay tuned.

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