The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory is not just into nourishing organic food but now also into creating organic liquid soaps which are safe for you, your family, and even babies, to use. This health-conscious company is keen on bringing only the best organic and natural products to you in Singapore.

The Blessed Soap

They have just launched their own brand of organic liquid soaps called The Blessed Soap. These NASAA certified organic Castille soaps contains certified premium organic essential oils.

How organic are they?

The liquid soap base is made from organic food-grade Coconut, Olive and Sunflower Oils. Even the organic essentials are extracted via the steam distillation, or cold pressed method from organic plants and fruits.

In fact, these essential oils are then mixed in precisely formulated ratios with the soap base, following safety guidelines of aromatherapy to produce a safe and nutrient-rich formula.

Also, all ingredients and processes meet the stringent Organic standards of NASAA Australia. If you read carefully, every bottle of The Blessed Soap bears the NASAA approved- Cosmetics logo.

Why choose organic soaps?

More often than not, the soaps that are available in today’s market contain thickeners and synthetic fragrances which cause skin irritations and dryness. Some of these artificial chemicals which pose potential health risks to our body can be absorbed into our skin. Thus, choosing soaps which are made of natural ingredients is probably a better choice, especially if you are already suffering from skin conditions like eczema.

Does the soap come in various scent or type?

Currently, there are five variants, and each bottle is sealed tightly with a seal.

– Baby Love, unscented: Suitable for babies, children and those with sensitive skin

– Citrus Joy: For refreshing, uplifting and invigorating

– Lavender Peace: For calming, soothing and relaxing

– Peppermint Patience: For cooling the body and mind

– Tea Tree Kindness: For those with skin problems

Recently, I tried two of their variants – Lavender Peace and Tea Tree Kindness. I like Lavender Peace for the calming floral scent while I enjoy using Tea Tree Kindness for preventing more acne from forming on my face and back with its anti-bacterial properties.

How to use the soap?

I use about one teaspoon amount of soap for my body. It is very watery, and it foams up very quickly. Do use wet hands to rub and create lather with the soap.

From the photo above, you can see that it lathers up pretty well. It is also very easy to rinse off the lather. Most importantly, the soap does not leave my skin dry at all. Instead, my skin felt moisturized after use. All thanks to the presence of organic natural plant oils in the soap.

Can this soap be used for other purposes?

Surprisingly, it is a versatile multi-purpose soap which can be as a shampoo, body soap, detergents for laundry, dishes and other home cleaning purposes. I personally like to use it to clean my makeup brushes.

List of Ingredients (For Lavender Peace)

If you scrutinize the list of ingredients, you will discover that there are less than ten ingredients in it! Which other soap products sold in the market contain less than ten ingredients?

I love products that contain the purest form of ingredients. Less is more. Bless your skin with the best quality of pure and natural ingredients.

The liquid soaps come in 12oz (355ml) at $15, 32oz (946ml) at $30.80 and 1(3776ml) gallon at $105.


The Blessed Soaps are available at Nature’s Glory physical and online store as well as selected NTUC Finest and Extra outlets, selected Watsons and health food stores. 

Made in the USA. A product of Singapore. 

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