Singapore may be tiny on the map but we can still the best of almost everything here which are comparable to other first-world countries. I could have possibly stepped into the best resort spa here in Singapore while I was at Capella Singapore a couple of weeks back.

The Auriga spa at Capella truly left a lasting impression on me with its unique spa facilities and amenities. This award-winning wellness spa deserves a detailed write-up on my blog.

Beyond Luxury


I’ve been to several luxurious spas which are spacious, modern and generous with spa amenities. They may be using high-end salon brands for their wellness treatments but other than that, there is nothing else unique in terms of its offering.

Over at Auriga Spa, it’s more than just a quiet haven for their guests to relax and rejuvenate. Its divine beauty of space inspires you to imagine and feel carefree again, as you move along to the celestial rhythms.

Auriga Spa is named after the constellation, Auriga and the brightest star in the constellation is Capella. Now, we got the big picture, don’t we? This whole resort, by the South China Sea, is inspired by the stars.

Spa Reception Lounge


I was led to this place with the stone-carved Koi fishes that were embedded in the cold grey walls. It brought me to the reception area where I signed in at the counter and proceeded to fill up a personal particulars form.


My mission for that particular day was to try out their Kundalini massage which was launched in conjunction with the upcoming retreat with renowned Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, Guru Jagat. The Immense Grace Yogic Beauty Secrets Weekend is a short retreat curated for women. You can opt for a 3-day, 2-day or 1-day retreat with Guru Jagat.

The Kundalini massage is part of the retreat experience where you get to enjoy a 90-minute treatment at the spa which includes the use of the spa facilities. The massage combines aromatherapy and synchronizing techniques, using energizing moon and crystal stones. The treatment also includes a facial ritual and scalp massage.

Welcome Reception


Before the treatment, they provided a cold refreshing tower and served ginger tea for you to unwind before you changed out of your clothes with their bathrobes.

A couple of days before the treatment they would drop you an email reminder and advise you to bring your swimwear and come 45 minutes earlier so that you can use the spa facilities before the massage. You could also enjoy the use of the spa facilities after the treatment too.

Female Changing Room


If you need to remove your makeup or moisturize your skin, you can ask for some makeup remover from their therapists who are very pleasantly polite. There’s body lotion, hair spray, deodorant, cotton pads, hair ties and hairdryer all provided for.


Waiting Area

Once I put on my bathrobes, I proceeded to the waiting area to wait for my assigned therapist to come at the fixed appointment time.


Treatment Suite

There are a total of 9 treatment rooms, including three couple suites. Each treatment room has a shower cubicle.


Before the treatment, my therapist guided me to do a breathing exercise which further put me into a relaxation mode. She then proceeded to explain the various steps along with the tools and ingredients used during the treatment.

Kundalini Massage

They used products from The Organic Pharmacy which consisted of natural and organic ingredients.

She also explained that the massage is usually done with soft, gentle massage strokes to open up and balance the seven chakras in the body.

This form of massage is somewhat different from the usual therapeutic massages. The Kundalini massage allows your body to discover its energy sources by working through any blockages or disruptions in your energy flow.


To start off the treatment, she used the singing bowl to send gentle vibrations through my body. She started off massaging my feet with soft strokes. Then, she worked on the pressure points with heated moonstones to encourage energy flow in my body. I could literally feel my air passage clearing up as she placed the heated stones on my back and whatever nasal or air blockages I had were all gone.

Since I had very tight shoulders, she also massaged my shoulders and back muscles to loosen up the knots formed in that area.

After the body massage, she did a facial ritual using rose cream and crystal stones. This was followed by a scalp massage, using nourishing oils. It was truly a bliss to be massaged and treated with ingredients obtained from nature.

Spa Facilities

The spa has luxuriously-appointed separate Male and Female spa areas featuring a Vitality Pool, Herbal Steam Room, and Ice Fountain.

To make the most out of the water spa facilities, you should start off with the herbal steam room and then followed by the series of alternating hot and cold therapies.
1. Herbal Steam Room
I spent about 10 minutes in the steam room to allow the aromatic herbal steam to open up the pores in my skin and to boost blood circulation in my body. The steam also helps to detoxify your body through perspiration.
Help yourself to some water or ice tea after stepping out of the steam room to rehydrate yourself.
2. Ice Fountain
This is where you start introducing your body to the cold therapy. Used the coconut bowl to scoop up some crushed ice and rub it over the body, starting with your feet. The crushed ice helps to stimulate circulation and at the same time, tone and firm the skin.
3. Vitality Pool

After the ice therapy, it is time to plunge yourself into the warm vitality pool which has two deck chairs submerged in the pool. You can relax on the chair as you allow the jet of bubbles to massage your body.


4. Experience Showers

Complete your water spa journey with the experience showers. Hop into the cold experience shower to allow the peppermint-infused cool mist to cool your body and awaken your senses. Lastly, walked into the warm experience shower and bathed yourself in the warm rain shower which is infused with exotic tropical aromas. Your sense of sight, touch and smell are all heightened as you stepped into one of these experience showers. What a true delight!


Relaxation Lounge


After feeling all refreshed, you can head over to the relaxation lounge to unwind. You can take your mind off by reading some magazine or do some coloring of the mandalas. The color therapy is also a form of healing therapy to improve one’s physical and mental being.


It was nice unwinding with some tea and cookies as you relax in the lounge. Time has passed really quickly too, but I really enjoyed the hours spent here in the spa. Since when have you ever allocate a few hours of your precious time just to pamper yourself?


Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul


Kundalini Massage

Treatment time: 90 minutes

Price: $230 ++ per person

* Valid from July to August 2018, excluding Saturdays.


The Immense Grace Yogic Beauty Secrets Weekend (10 to 12 August 2018)

Guru Jagat’s three-day program includes:

– Two-night stay in a Premier Seaview Room
– Daily breakfast at The Knolls
– 60-minute massage at Auriga spa.
This exclusive package costs S$2,288++ per room per night for double occupancy or S$1,788++ per room per night for single occupancy.
Two-day retreat costs S688++ per person, inclusive of Guru Jagat’s program on the second and third day as well as Wellness meals crafted by Chef David.
Single day retreat gives you a choice of programs on the second or third day. This retreat is priced at S$488++ or S$288++ per person.
For reservations, please call 65915000 or email res.singapore@capellahotels.com.
Auriga Spa @ Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls Capella Singapore
Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098297
Tel: 65915000

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