Believer Music: One of the Best Music Schools for Adults in Singapore

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

I first heard of Believer Music School a few years when a good friend of mine decided to take up keyboard lessons on worship music. Ever since I stopped learn classical piano, I’ve always wanted to pick up contemporary keyboard music lessons. Initially, I took up private jazz keyboard lessons at a music school in Bugis, but I stopped after a while as I was not very motivated to go for lessons.


This year, after turning 30, I decided to give keyboard lessons a try. This time I signed up with Believer Music and took up their worship keyboard lessons where I get to learn how to play Christian worship songs on the keyboard. To be honest, I was unhappy with their service initially. Upon registration online, I did not know that I have signed up for a group course which has already started for a couple of weeks. That means I’ve already missed two or three lessons. Also, I wasn’t told my assigned timeslot so I had no idea when would my first lesson be.


Long story short, they did try to communicate to me via phone, but I was busy, so I didn’t pick up their calls. I was quite fired up due to the misunderstandings, so I wrote to them to express my discontentment.

At last, they decided to postpone my lessons so that I can start in the next term. After going through a term of keyboard lessons, I realized how much I enjoy each lesson. So I guess things turned out great after that. Currently, I am learning worship drums with that as well!

Recalling back, it is funny how all things turned out. Maybe this school is anointed by God?

So, what makes Believer Music School so special and why is it great for adults?

Based on my experience with them, here are the following reasons why I think it is one of the best music school for adults. Learning music isn’t just for kids. Adults can pick up any instrument at any age, and you should not be afraid or shy to pick up music all over again even if you have lost touch. Over at Believer music, they welcome adults of all ages even senior citizens too.

1. There are three highly accessible locations across the island to choose from.

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

There currently three outlets. One in the west, one in central and another in the east. Their flagship outlet is at International Plaza, and all their locations are located close to the MRT station.

I go to the outlet at International Plaza in Tanjong Pagar area for drum lessons. Even though it is quite a distance from my home, I have no qualms about making a trip down to Tanjong Pagar for lessons as it is easily accessible via MRT.

2. Awesome instructors @ Believer Music

 Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

I had Samuel as my keyboard instructor and Jason as my drum instructor. Both instructors have been great so far. Even if you have missed a lesson, they are patient enough to go through the previous lesson materials to help you catch up.

Believer Keyboard Programme (Praise worship in English) with Samuel (WDII)

I really enjoyed Samuel’s lessons because he is very clear with his instructions. If you are a beginner in piano or keyboard, you will benefit from his lessons.

They teach students using the lesson notes provided, so everything is taught in an organized manner using the same formula. Unlike the previous music schools which I’ve attended before, Believer Music seemed to have mastered a structured way of learning music.

Believer Drum Programme (Praise worship)(Christian Music) (Beginner PMR) with Jason

Drums lessons with Jason has always been very productive and enjoyable. His teaching pace is suitable for any beginners. Whether you have music or no music background, you should be able to benefit from this course under Jason’s guidance.

During the lessons, we played the drum beats to modern Christian music songs. It was pretty cool because I never thought that I could play the drums along with the actual music.

For drum lessons, do note that you must buy your own drumsticks and bring your own personal earphones.

Contemporary Mando Pop Keyboard with Darren

Currently, I am learning Contemporary Mando pop keyboard from Darren. His style of teaching is different from the rest but he is very friendly and approachable. I was not used to his teaching style at first and it took me some time to adjust to his style of teaching. But once I got the hang of it, it was fine. His lessons aren’t that structured but he likes to challenge us with some improvisations and chord progressions. As much as possible, he would like his students to play in a way which resembles the actual song.

As for the songs, the Mando pop songs are pretty old. There’s a couple of Jay Chou and JJ Lin’s songs but the selection of songs is not too bad. The songs are quite nice even though some are really outdated (e.g Gigi Leung’s Dan Xiao Gui).

3. Excellent Course Structure

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

The school offers a good range of music courses from the keyboard, drums, bass, guitars, Cajon, ukulele and even vocal training. In addition to the worship courses, they also offer pop and contemporary music courses which are non-christian based. For Christian-based courses, the songs we learn are Christian songs and the instructors would often dedicate about 5 to 10 minutes to do some biblical teaching. Learning about God-centred music also motivates me to come for lessons too.

Each of the group courses consists of 11 weekly sessions, and each session is about an hour long. At the start of each course, they would provide a folder with all the lesson materials required. All of their music notes are well-structured and organized in progressive manner. I really like the lesson structure and the music formulas they are using. Anyone can grasp the music concepts easily with their structure form of learning.

4. They motivate you to do better.

The group size is usually very small so each student received sufficient attention from the teacher. Don’t worry if you are slow at picking up a new instrument as instructors there are very encouraging and are really keen to see your progress. Do you know that the instructors actually grade your performance after each lesson? Check out my progress report as shown below.

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

I actually find this progress report very useful as it is a form of intrinsic motivation to push you to do better. There are missing grades for Week 9 and 10 because I missed both sessions.

5. Flexibility in doing makeup lessons

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

If you miss any of the sessions, you can actually do a makeup class. You can simply arrange for a makeup class online via their makeup scheduler. It makes it very convenient for us working adults with busy schedules.

Say if you miss a session, you can attend other sessions at other time slots across the week at any of their three outlets. If you hope to attend the same lesson again as you find that you needed some extra help, you can ask permission from the instructor if you could attend another session in that same week.

However, you might not be able to find makeup classes if you move up to advanced levels as there probably aren’t many advance classes to begin with.

6. Awesome Studio facilities

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults

For drums and keyboard lessons, the instruments are provided. For drums, you will only have to bring your own set of drumsticks and a pair of earphones. Don’t have your own drum set at home? You can rent the studio for a fee to practice drumming.

All of their studios and instruments are all well-maintained. And should you need to buy any instrument, you can purchase directly from them at any of their outlets.

I’ve only been their studios at One Commonwealth and Tanjong Pagar. Both studios look super new and clean.

7. Competitive Pricing

Each course is competitively priced. I’ve researched all the music schools in Singapore, and I found that the course price at Believer Music is quite reasonable. However, they do charge administrative fees for each course that you signed up for. To me, those are some of the added costs. Thankfully, you can easily waive some of these extra costs with your credits earned in your account. Each student has an account where you can earn credits when you complete a course, completed their online feedback form or make a successful referral to your family, colleagues or friends.

Promo Code for Believer Music Singapore

Likewise, you can use my special promo or discount code (DY29182) to enjoy $25 off any basic modules at Believer Music.

Believer Music School Deenise Glitz Music schools in Singapore Keyboard Drums Mando pop piano adults promo code

If you have any questions regarding the music modules I took, leave a comment in the box below, and I will reply! And rock on!

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