5 Reasons Why I Really Like Sudio Nivå Earphones


You may have heard about this Swedish brand of earphones from several online social media platforms. There are also plenty of online reviews of Sudio earphones which are generally quite positive and some sounding quite neutral about it.

As for me, I not only enjoy using Sudio products, but I also like Sudio’s innovation and the story behind their products. That explains why I’ve been relying on their products for the longest time to deliver quality sounds and music to my ears. And here’s my take on the latest series of Sudio Nivå earphones as a long-term user of Sudio earphones.

1. Minimalistic and Eco-friendly

I’ve started using one of Sudio’s earliest model of earphones, Sudio KLANG in 2015. Ever since then, I’ve been reviewing their latest products now and then. And with the newest introduction of Sudio Nivå, I was mind blown. It is because they have managed to address the problems of the previous earphone models in their newer models. For instance, the Sudio Vasa BLÅ solves the problem of dangling earphone wires, but since it is blu-tooth powered, I would often need to unplug to charge the earphones to a charging device. I find this troublesome. But in the new Sudio Nivå earphones, they transformed the portable case into a charging device.

Over the years, they have also kept their packaging minimal, so less waste is produced. The Sudio Vasa BLÅ box (which is about the size of your hand) contains only a tiny owner’s manual, Quality Assurance card, USB cable, extra earbuds sleeves and the portable case including a pair of earbuds.


2. Always Stylish and Chic

Sudio has always been at the forefront when it comes to the latest styles and trends. Their white earphones with hints of rose gold are often a popular choice of colour because it looks very stylish and elegant. It also complements well with most iPhone users who bought the rose gold or gold iPhones.

There aren’t many earphone companies that produce white-colored earphones or earbuds, so that makes Sudio in the lead when it comes to stylish-looking earphones. To many of us, earphones are  accessories which reflects our style and character.


3. User-friendly and Easy to Operate

As mentioned before, the portable case acts as a chargeable device to charge the earphones. And the portable case holds up to 4 charges at one time, and each charge has a playtime of about 3.5 hours. That works out to be about 14 hours of playtime with each fully-charged portable case. That makes it so much easier especially if you are travelling most of the time and might not have access to any charging source.

Unlike the previous Sudio models, you can’t adjust the volume of the sound on Sudio Niva. That works out fine for me as I also did not see the need to have volume controls on my earphones when I can control the volume on my phone. It is a smart move for Sudio to do away with that so that the earphones only has one particular function – which is to channel personal music into my ears. Simplicity is beautiful.



To turn on the earphones, you will first need to press and hold the Rose gold-coloured buttons. A blue light will flash when you switched it on. Then, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and select ‘Sudio Niva’ to pair with the device. And that’s about it!

To turn it off, you can just turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and press and hold the Rose gold-colored buttons again.


4. Sudio foresees Your Problem before You Know it

So how should you slot in the earbuds securely? Which earbuds belong to which slot? You can now rely on the power of magnetic force to tell which earbuds belong to which slot and whether if the earbuds are securely plugged into the portable casing. The right earbuds will only attract to the slot on the right, and the same goes for the left earbuds. Problem solved!


5.  Lightness and Freedom

Technically-speaking, you will only need to bring the portable case with the earbuds and a charging cable with you. If your phone charging cable can also charge Sudio portable case, then you wouldn’t need to carry extra cables with you. It’s always best to travel light.

Sudio Nivå Earphones cover a range of 10 metres. That means I could still listen to music in the kitchen even though my phone is in my bedroom. You could listen to music hands-free.


The Sudio Nivå portable case is only about 8 cm in diameter long. It fits nicely into small purses or handbags. More importable, it is super compact and light.

All in all, I guess what is more important is how long-lasting Sudio products are. Their sound quality might not match with the higher end earphones in the market but their products are really durable and I have no qualms about its sound quality. Especially with Sudio Niva, the sound is crisp. There aren’t any defects in the previous Sudio models of earphones which I owned so far.


The new Sudio Nivå Earphones cost $109 (US dollars). If you would like to purchase the new

If you would like to purchase Sudio Nivå Earphones, do check out the promotions below before making your purchase.

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