Bee Choo Origin Ladies: Getting To The Root of The Problem


When it comes to haircare, I would much rather opt for a scalp treatment over a hair treatment. That’s because over the years I realised that only having a healthy scalp would bring about healthy hair growth. It’s all about getting into the root of the problem. In this case, we are talking about the hair follicles found in our scalp.

Bee Choo Origin Ladies

Once in a while, I like to go for scalp treatments to get my scalp massaged and cleansed. However, scalp treatments are quite costly, and it can go up to about a couple of hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, there are reputable hair treatment centres that offer quality treatment at more affordable prices. Bee Choo Origin Ladies is one of such, and I was so glad that I got to try out their scalp treatments at their outlet along Pahang Street, situated right at the heart of Kampong Glam. Later on, I got to know that Bee Choo Origin Ladies is a specialised retail concept under the brand of Bee Choo Origin which has been around in Singapore since 2002.

As its name suggests, this hair treatment centre is catered specifically for female customers only. The hair therapists are all females too. This creates a safe and comfortable environment for women who wanted more privacy.

Herbal Scalp Treatment

At Bee Choo Origin Ladies, they use 100% natural herbal ingredients to treat scalp issues. As such, their treatments are also safe for pregnant women too.

I’ve personally done their scalp treatment twice, and I enjoyed the whole process. Below are all the details of the treatment.

Duration: About 1.5 – 2 Hrs

1. Microscopic Scalp Analysis

Before the treatment, they would use a tool to scan your scalp and examine your scalp condition. As expected, I knew that my scalp would appear oily and sensitive on the scan. I knew that my hair follicles were mostly clogged which causes the hairfall I’ve been experiencing. The therapist mentioned that these issues arise due to stress and the lack of sleep.

2. Scalp massage with Ginger Hair Tonic

After consultation, they proceeded straight with the treatment. The therapist massaged my scalp with invigorating ginger hair tonic. The relaxing massage helps to relax the scalp and relieve the tension in my scalp, neck and shoulders. The ginger hair tonic, on the other hand, stimulates the opening of the pores in the scalp.

3. Condition the Hair with Olive oil

100% pure virgin olive oil was applied onto my hair ends to condition and soften the hair.

4. Apply Herbal treatment cream

Next comes the crux of the whole treatment – the application of their signature herbal treatment cream. See that tub of brown stuff in the photo below? That’s their herbal treatment cream which applied to all part of my scalp. The treatment cream contains several traditional herbs (like ginseng and dang gui) and other ingredients, thus has a strong herbal smell which would eventually linger in your hair for a few days. The herbal scent in my hair lasted for almost three days before it is gone. However, the smell was not that unpleasant, so it was bearable for me.


5. Steam the hair and scalp

The therapist carefully wrapped up the hair with plastic sheets and placed a steamer over my head. This process takes about almost 45 minutes or so. Do prepared to bring along a book to read or an iPad for some entertainment. It’s a pity that they do not have a stash of magazines at hand for customers to read.

During this process, they would place a warm herbal pack over your shoulders. Now that was really thoughtful of them.


6. Wash and Blow-dry

After all the nutrients from the treatment cream have been absorbed into your scalp, the therapist rinsed and washed off the cream. Then she shampooed thoroughly and conditioned my hair. Last but not least, my hair was blown dry till it was semi-dry. Finally, she applied some nourishing hair cream to condition and protect the hair.


Right after the treatment, the therapist did another scan on my scalp again. This time, the pores looked so much cleaner, without all the oily residues and scalp sebum.


My Recommendations

I would highly recommend you to use their scalp products which effectively in balancing the scalp. I have been using their Purity scalp hair shampoo and scalp hair tonic. These two products help me to maintain a clean and healthy scalp until the next scalp treatment. After a week of using these products, I noticed that my hair did not drop as often as before. But do note that your hair colour might change due to the treatment cream. My bleached tresses looked darker in colour after the treatment. But I’ve no qualms with that as the colour looks natural.

If you are looking for an affordable scalp treatment centre in Singapore, this would be it. I feel that the scalp treatment offered at Bee Choo Origin Ladies is as good as the other scalp treatments which I’ve tried before. The only drawback is probably the lingering scent of the herbal cream and the possibility that the colour of your colour-treated hair might change slightly.


The pricing of the treatment depends on the length of your hair. Prices start from $41 onwards. They also have outlets in Bangkok, Thailand too where prices are slightly lower.

Bee Choo Origin Ladies

5 Pahang Street

Singapore S(198606)

(10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT station)

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