My Journey with Facial Extractions

I started going for regular monthly facials since I turned 22. Ever since then, I’ve been relying on facials to get clearer skin as I was suffering from acne. My skin has significantly improved after going through years of facials. For my case, I believe that it was the skin extraction step that decreases the occurrence of skin breakouts. Unfortunately, there’s some pain involved when it comes to extraction. And sometimes it made me wonder whether extraction is necessary. I’ve asked all the beauticians and facial therapists the same question over and over again. Most of them felt that it is an essential step to unclog the pores, but it cannot be done excessively.

Anything in Excessive is harmful

What is excessive then? My impression of ‘excessive’ means that the skin would turn very red through the squeezing and needle-pricking action. Tiny red marks would be left all over your face, and you will start thinking if you should hide at home until the marks and broken skin heal. Does that sound¬†familiar to you? And I started asking myself how extraction should be done in a way that maintains the integrity of the skin.

Doing it Manually is the best

It is only recently that I discovered that one of the best and effective way of executing the extraction step is to do it manually with fingers. As far as possible, the therapists should not be relying too much on the needle to unclogged the pores unless there is a need to do so. However, doing extraction manually requires much skill. You need to do it swiftly, thoroughly and quickly. Thankfully, there are a handful of facial therapists who are using this method of squeezing out the white and blackheads.

One of the beauty salons which I’ve been going to is Indulgence Beauty. Over here, the therapists are trained to extract manually with fingers. The needles are only used for hard-to-reach pores. As such, I felt relaxed throughout the whole facial without getting all tensed up. During my recent trip there, I almost fell asleep during the treatment. There aren’t any discomforts at all.

At last, I have finally come to this realization that extraction is important, but it must be done gently, without causing more skin integrity issues. I’m glad that I went through a painless extraction¬†process during my OxyBright Facial treatment at Indulgence Beauty.

OxyBright Facial Treatment

In addition to the painless extraction, my skin went through a brightening and detoxing treatment with their bubble mask and facial jade massage.


In the beginning, it was just a layer of gel covering my skin. After a minute or so, the gel started foaming up when it reacts with oxygen in the air. The tiny bubbles created help to clean out pores and allow the effective penetration of the nourishing ingredients into the skin.


This OxyBright mask step was followed a relaxing facial massage and Jade ball massage.


The whole treatment finished off with a Vitamin skin and relaxing shoulder massage.

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