Pretty Good Smoothie Bowl: Smoothie Bowls Under $5!


One of my favourite healthy dishes is none other than a creamy fruit smoothie bowl. And I prefer to have my smoothie in a bowl so that I can enjoy it with fresh fruit slices and crunchy granola. But making a smoothie can be somewhat of a hassle as you will need to have a powerful blender and a ready supply of smoothie-friendly fruits. Eating out sounds like a good option, but it can be quite costly. A cup of smoothie could easily cost more than $7 in Singapore. But here’s the good news – I found a smoothie stall in a hawker centre that offers smoothie bowls for less than $5! What a steal!

Pretty Good Smoothie Bowl

This pretty-looking stall is located at Holland Drive Food Centre which is just a 5-minute walk from Buona Vista MRT station. Besides smoothie bowls, they also offer healthy treats like Chia seed puddings and toasts.

I am glad to have met the owner of Pretty Good Smoothie Bowl, Calista Chan who had left her corporate job to set up this hawker stall. It takes a lot of guts to start a hawker business in Singapore which is unlike the other cookie-cutter stalls. And what’s most important she has put in time and effort to create delicious smoothie bowls that looked appealing to the eyes as well.


Currently, each smoothie bowl is priced at $4.90. You can choose the type of smoothie flavour you like and select any three toppings to go with it. There are seven different smoothie flavour to choose from, and I got to try their berry lavender and blue dragon smoothie. All smoothies are made using natural fruits with no sugar or artificial flavourings added. All the smoothies are vegan-friendly except for lemon mint smoothie which has yoghurt added to it.


Berry Lavender

The smoothie consists of frozen bananas and blueberries. Also, they sprinkled some dried lavender flowers over it to give the smoothie a floral note. I love the hint of lavender scent that complements well with the sweet smoothie.

The portion is just right. Because each smoothie bowl is packed densely with nutrients and fibre, it fills you up.


Blue Dragon

I enjoyed the Blue Dragon smoothie a lot because it is made with a spoonful of blue spirulina (or blue Majik). Unlike green spirulina, the blue spirulina does not have that unpleasant musky taste. It only has this subtle earthy taste which you might not even notice it when you blend it with frozen bananas and berries. I dare say that for most of the time, people only use blue spirulina for its brilliant blue colour. I mean, how often can we enjoy healthy food which is dyed with natural blue colouring?


Even buying a bottle of blue spirulina is difficult too. This is rare stuff. As such, I highly recommend getting the Blue Dragon bowl to make your buck worth. You can thank me later.


Ocean Chia Seed Pudding (left) and Passion Chia Seed Pudding (right)

Chia Seed Pudding

The soy-based chia seed pudding is another yummy treat which had both my partner and I nodding in delight. They soaked white chia seeds in soymilk overnight to create the thick creamy pudding texture. The chilled chia seed pudding is served with some fruits, granola and honey.


Avo Toasty ($4.50)

Wholemeal Toasty

I’m glad we stayed on to try their Avo Toasty which is mashed avocado and sliced cherry tomato on wholemeal bread. If you want something a little more savoury, this is a great option.

Here’s their full menu for your reference.

Menu 1
Source: Pretty Good Smoothie Bowl
Menu 2
Source: Pretty Good Smoothie Bowl

Pretty Good Smoothie Bowl

Location: Blk 44 Holland Drive #02-35, Singapore 270044




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